Discussion: Virginia Tech Student Facing More Serious Charge In Killing Of 13-Year-Old

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There just isn’t enough WTF in the cosmos for this one. Sigh…


As tragic as this story is, isn’t this a political site? What is the political angle?


Clearly, it’s all Obama’s fault.


You don’t get enough politics?

(Fact is, though - crime is a political issue, especially in an election year,)


Since it’s a Canadian company there must be a Ted Cruz connection.

Or Big Shale or maybe even Big Pipeline.

Death penalty?

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From the TPM “About” section:
"Talking Points Memo (TPM) is the premier digital native political news organization in the United States - covering a broad range of politics, policy and national news in Washington D.C. and beyond"

TPM has also covered winter storms, natural disasters, human interest, sports, etc.

And you can almost make anything political. This is a bullied girl who got exploited, and bullying is a political issue.

And as just pointed out by another poster, could be a death penalty discussion. And on this one, it might even be a “method” discussion. I am sure some would love to put these two in a wood chipper. This is a horrific crime.


I tried to come up with something snarky to post here, but …I got nothing. This one’s just sad.

I have a game on my phone that is multi-player, and has an in-game chat facility. I am amazed, and not in a good way, at the shit young kids (10-15, based on their self-reported age) get up to in the chat. Trading Kik addresses is usually Step 3 after 1) “Are you a girl?” and 2) “How old are you?” The amount of attention and pressure girls get online is massive, and at that age many of them drink it in without thought of consequences. A girl who is bullied “IRL” (in real life, as they say in chat) is going to be especially vulnerable to all the attention she’d get in Kik.

If the parents don’t understand smartphone tech as well as the kids, then it’s going to be impossible to monitor their activities effectively. There are controls parents can put in place on their kids’ phones to prevent downloading of apps and there are ways to monitor all installed apps and to retrieve chat logs, but parents have to be savvy enough to do that and do it on a regular basis. I sympathize with any parents of tweens/teens in this day and age.


This is so sad, I can’t even make the type of comment I usually make… just so sad…sigh…
My heart breaks for her and her family… Am so tired of asking…WHY?


You’d have to be some really evil SOB to have done something like this to this little girl! I hope they hang him and his girlfriend!!

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Really didn’t think a story about a murdered tween girl that could make me sadder than the one about the girl who was accidentally shot because she was standing behind her dad when he pulled an assault on the cop (a “constable,” actually) who was serving eviction papers. I was wrong.

What the hell happened here? If these kids are guilty, and it isn’t looking good for them, what the hell went wrong in the heads of two seemingly normal, high-achieving college kids? How is there not one single friend of acquaintance who isn’t shocked?


I’m fine with that. Whack 'em both.

There’s a lot of talk about mental illness but no one ever talks about mental health.

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Monitoring your kids online activity might make you feel good, but it gives a false sense of security. With my son, I allow him the privacy, and freedom to do what he wants. Instead, I teach him about the dangers (and stress that they are rare, but present). Kids will get around any monitoring parents do. Like the other poster said, alternate accounts, alternate apps, deleting messages, ect. Overreacting to national news coverage of exceeding rare incidents like this only makes things worse. That being said, I don’t let him game with older kids, and the computer he games with is in our family room. No computer in the bedroom for the foreseeable future. My philosophy is to expose him to the ‘dangerous’ world, but be there with him to teach him the ins and outs.

There is a MUCH higher chance he will get killed while riding his bike, and I’m not about to take that way from him. Parenting is filled with anxiety - I’m sure it’s always been that way.


Republicans talk about it every time there’s a mass shooting. The don’t do anything about it of course. And they don’t want anybody else to do anything about it either. But they talk.

The demonizing of social media by authorities is yet another problem. (11-year-old here – we’re working on the issues with him, and it’s complicated at best.)

There are a lot of politics involved in making of existing laws and new ones to address crimes like these.

Right. The conversations always degenerate into how to keep the mentally ill from getting a gun. I’m referring to mental health. They’re different.

Anger is not a mental illness but past anger management issues are the biggest predictor of future violence. I think social media is driving people crazy and it seems like the whole nation is suffering from NPD.