Discussion: Virginia Dem Hands GOP The Upper Hand In Obamacare Shutdown Fight

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“A Virginia Democratic senator has unwittingly handed…”


What kind of reporting is this?

Moreover, innocent people will now suffer and possible die for lack of medical care.


" unwittingly "?

Hah, I say. Hah! Hah!

And again I say, hah!


“Unwittingly” my ass! Puckett knew exactly what was going to happen if he walked away, but he left 400,000 people in the lurch so he could get a cushy gig on a commission and put his daughter in debt to the GOPhers who were going to give her a judgeship. This stinks to high heaven, and DOJ ought to be on this like white on rice!


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Unscrupulously. Unabashedly. Unashamedly. Uncaringly. Underhandedly. YES.
“Unwittingly”? NO F-ing CHANCE.


When did “shutting down the government” become an acceptable form of governance that inures to the benefit of the citizens? People of VA…break the stranglehold of the reprobates that are holding your state hostage and vote for the interests of your fellow citizens in the upcoming elections. 400k without medical coverage in the state because???


Sahlil, as you probably already know from the first few comments, that word “unwittingly” is going to turn into a buzzsaw for you today… just remove it and all will be well…

Even if it is true (which is unlikely) it would be your opinion, no one knows but the perps, and doesn’t belong in one of your usually excellent articles. It is editorializing, not reporting. Just drop that word and it reads correctly enough to pass the editor’s smell test.

But if you really want to more accurate, and still editorialize, you could replace it with “perniciously” or “illegally” or “willfully” or something like that.

Poindexter has some appropriate options upthread, too.

Or add the phrase “In a classic case of quid-pro-qo” to the front of the sentence, after you drop the unwittingly inflammatory “unwittingly”…

“Unwittingly” is worse than naive, it seems almost complicit.

Or was it a bet to see who could stir up The Bees this morning?


Maybe someone should start a thread on The Hive about that issue, JP.

Yes, there seems to be one sacrosanct, comment free author in this crew.

The Boss…

OK, he owns the place… but still, I have always been more than a little frustrated about this, too. Gotta admit it.

So I send a lot of emails to the link up top. Pro and con… may be an act of futility, who knows, but now and then it seems to “get there.”

He’s a sly one.

Yes. The man is clearly witless, but this was anything but “unwitting.” “Intentionally,” would be the word he’s looking for there.


You’ve got it exactly right.

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what a greedy asshole. Fucking bribe taker… his job and that of his daughter was worth more than thousands of people living in poverty. this country is fucked.


When are Democrats going to raise debates like this above mere politics, and make them about people being harmed?


I STILL want to know how the Virginia tobacco lobby is connected to the healthcare lobby, other than providing them with a lot of sick people.

Someone knows.

Exactly. This article is “unwittingly” authored.

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The man was clearly BRIBED. It’s really hard to construe that as unwitting. What we need is a full-scale bribery investigation.

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actually, suffi needs to remove the word “possibly” for it to be “exactly” right…

I guess my follow-up query would be “when are VA lawmakers going to enforce their own code of ethics?”

for now, apparently, we have to refer to it as “attempted bribery” because it may have fallen through. Or at least it has been postponed until the furor dies down.

Two very important questions… first, WHY did they do this so publicly instead of behind closed doors?

Second, WHAT do the VA Republicans think this will do for their electoral fortunes? Are they willing to lose all hope of future power to protect their donors in the HC industry?

Surely they aren’t gaining votes by it, their own base that might actually oppose Medicaid expansion is already locked in.

Other than protecting the profane profits of their corporate masters, there seems to be no upside for them.

Cui Bono? Who benefits from their intransigence, from their denying half a millions voters protection.

That part does not add up for me, anyone know who they are doing this for? Because by all measures that we can gauge by, it certainly can’t be for future political fortune.

Something does not add up, it makes no sense unless there is some enormous and under-reported short term financial benefit that would move them to commit this political suicide by a thousand cuts.