Discussion: Vincente Fox Says Trump Not Welcome In Mexico: This Is A 'Political Stunt'

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It’s OK.

Pena will keep Trump waiting in the outer office for 10 minutes, then come out and talk to him in Spanish. When Trump says he does not understand, Pena will shout “We will never pay for your fuckin’ wall!” and walk away. All while cameras roll.


Nailed it in one…


Does Mexico have the THAAD system? Just sayin’…

Vicente Fox would get a lot of votes for president of this country, if he could run.


Would be toooooooo funny!


Fox would do that. Pena will bob and weave and say little or nothing. Too bad. He should listen to you.


Now this is the kind of warm reception Hillary’s Opponent deserves, wherever he goes. Don’t yell and scream, just make it plain that his company is unwelcome. No need to sink to his level. Stop giving him attention, it’s what his six-year old brain lives for. “Mommy, Daddy, look at me! I’m running for President! Do I get my milk and cookies now??”


I just hope Mexico makes him pay in pesos on the barrel-head when Donnie’s crew goes to refuel the plane for the trip back.

It could be that Trump ripped someone off there in a business deal and this is a ruse to arrest him as soon as he lands.


Donald Trump: a false prophet with false profits.


Yeah, throw him in a Mexican jail for 3-6 months. I’m sure he’d miss his gold-plated Trump tower and his hairdresser. He can do the presidential debates telecast from his jail cell.

Mexico should charge him $1000 a day to help feed his voracious appetite for Taco Bowls.

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"He continues to disregard its [sic] own people…*

Actually, that shouldn’t be considered an error. Trump is an it. He certainly isn’t a man, maybe not even human…


There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to Drumpf. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of Drumpf’s fears, and the (very shallow) summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call … Mexico.


Trump is hoping that his motorcade will be pelted with rocks and tomatoes. If somebody starts shooting at him, so much the better.

The very worst thing for Trump would be for the residents of Mexico City to completely ignore him.


This was a good interview except for Cuomo (CNN’s resident boob).

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Watch the gas bag self inflate.


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PEna WILL BOW TO trump. “Mr. TRump, we WILL not ONLY PaY for The WALL, we WILL build THE wall ANd OUTSource THE jOBS to LazY inner city BLACks Who have to DOdge Gunfire ON THEir waY to the BOdega TO BUY 40oz MALT LIQUor. YOU are SO MANly and YOur HAnds Are BIG!”

SUck IT, libtards.


So I’m not entirely clear, does former president Fox like Trump or not? hahahahhaa

Honestly, though, I’m kinda curious how this plays in Mexico. If GWB criticized someone who came here to meet with President Obama, we’d all consider it out of line. Ditto if WJC did it!

On this side of the border, I don’t get Trump’s motivation here. (Or more accurately, Trump’s campaign’s motivation, since the man doesn’t have any motivations beyond his getting his immediate narcissism fix.) What are they hoping to get out of this meeting?

I hope Trumps visit is a colossal failure. Rotten tomato throwing seems like the perfect response. Pena has a 23% approval rating, this visit will do nothing to improve his rating.

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