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As if there weren´t enough going on in the area.

Oh well. It won´t be a problem for long: President Trump, Carson, Cruz, or Rubio will know what to do.

MSNBC immediately apologized for SOMETHING.


How long before Trump claims credit for that? 10 minutes?


Well, certainly relieved to see that Putin is describing this in such calm, measured tones.

And I’m sure that the incursion was accidental and that the Russians will accept some responsibility for the resulting misunderstanding, because hey, that’s how they roll.


Turkey is a NATO MEMBER.
If Russia attacks Turkey (in ANY WAY AT ALL) all NATO MEMBERS (including the USA) are obligated by Treaty to DEFEND TURKEY.
This shit can get real very, very quickly. Edrogian is playing with fire hear, with Putin trying to save face and tamp down dissent in his ultra-nationalist dictatorship by fanning the fires of militarism.
This has echoes of the debacle of interlocking Treaty obligations and arrogant leaders that led directly to World War One in 1914.
All it takes is someone as arrogant and ignorant as Kaiser Wilhelm was in 1914 to light the spark of WORLD WAR, only this time both sides have NUCLEAR WEAPONS.

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Apparently this was the 3rd violation of Turkish airspace this month by the Russians. And the Turks, who are not happy about Russia targeting the Turkmen in Northern Syria fighting Assad, had already given Russia a public warning through diplomatic channels to cease. Russia didn’t, and Turkey responded.


Calm down, we have enough drama queens around in the media already.

YEt ANOTher FAILURE of OHBUmmer’s LEAdersHIP. RussIAN PLANe wOULD’t have BEEN sHOT down IF OHBUmmer hadn’t created ISIS bY pulling out of IRAQ.


The Turkish military said the aircraft had been warned 10 times in the space of five minutes about violating Turkish air space. Officials said a second plane had also approached the border and been warned.

Thanks Obama.

Step away from the SHIFT key. Breath… Goooooood. It will be ok. This is not the start of a world war.

Here’s the pre-release of the inauguration.