Discussion: Video Discredits EPA Claim That AP Reporter Wasn't Shoved By Guard

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Jim Acosta also assaulted a WH intern.
Roll the [doctored] tape.

It still amazes me that Trumpsters think they actually posses ‘alternate facts’ on video.


Where are the lawsuits?

Security guy belongs in court.

Pruitt belongs in court.


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“I hate some of these people, I hate 'em,” Trump told the crowd. “I would never kill them. I would never do that.”

Then he decided to reconsider.

“Uh, let’s see, uh?” he said aloud, his voice rising. “No, I would never do that.”


Another instance of ‘honest’ republicans having to change their stories when incontrovertible evidence shows they’re lying. It’s a thing with the masters of mendacity. If only they were capable of shame.


And if only the Trump supporters had enough sense and integrity to realize how corrupt and mendacious the entire Trump administration actually is. But I guess that is too big an ask.

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Am I the only one thinking 1) this is not the only camera view, or 2) we’re doomed.


Your Republican overlords in action. And this woman works for the AP. Think about that.


Yes, the anodyne AP is too radical for them…


Uhm folks, just go to minute 4:23 if you don’t want to waste 5 minutes of your day watching people walk through a security gate.

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WASHINGTON (AP) Despite our reporters soft-peddling every story about the president, despite our efforts to make sure that the narrative of “both sides do it” is promulgated throughout the land, during an assignment to cover a story at a department that is funded by taxpayer money, one of our journalists was refused entrance. There might have been a story about how political corruption is causing water to become polluted with toxins. But probably not. Probably everything is OK. Water is composed of one hydrogen and one oxygen molecule. Many people find it necessary to life.Some people use it to brew liquids with it like coffee.


Better yet, jail.

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Only the best worst people. Gangsters, all the way down.

I wouldn’t start it a second later than 0:13. If you don’t sit through at least 4:10 of the dramatic build, you’ll never understand why the director got an Oscar for this.

EPA officials later personally apologized to Knickmeyer for the agency’s handling of the incident.

EPA spokesman John Konkus said Tuesday that officials had “relied on the security personnel to tell us what happened.”

The security personnel relied on officials to tell them to refuse entry to a reporter trying to attend a “National Summit” that was open to other journalists. That was the real problem.

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Ah yes. The Dramatic Build.

We have a tape, however, “relied on the security personnel to tell us what happened.” IOW blame the little/min wage folks…