Discussion: Vatican: Sex Abuse By PA Priests Is 'Criminal And Morally Reprehensible'

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And, of course, the Vatican never had any knowledge of what was happening.
Fuck religion.

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Gee, thanks Frank! Great to hear you’ve got everybody’s back!
Oh yeah, guess what… FUUUUUUUUCK YOOOOOUUUUUU!!!

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Well turn them over then.


The Vatican harbors sex criminals aplenty. As the most holy church has proven, it takes in the likes of Bernard Law who was a fugitive from criminal prosecution and was not only protected by the then-Pope, he was elevated to a station that allowed him to help choose the next Pope. What a great bunch of guys.


This calls for some Hitch Slaps from the greatest, most eloquent critic of the Criminal Catholic Church. Here he is in all his rhetorical glory.


But Francis , you knew all about it . While it was kept private …

Baby steps.

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That’s pretty much my take. I’ll believe they are serious when they stop fighting laws to extend the statute of limitations and laws to hold religious leaders accountable. And when they actually do turn these people over for prosecution and cooperate in that prosecution. Until then, this is just meaningless words.


I wonder when the collective world will wake up to this sickness! Maybe Old Yellow Stain needs to build a wall around every Catholic Church in this Country. As DJT says, we need a wall to protect us from criminals and rapist.

Wikipedia documenting the Church is a world wide child molestation ring.