Discussion: Vatican Ridiculed For Using 'Sexy' Actress In Outreach Video For Women

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What I can glean from the web is that she’s a 50 year-old cancer survivor, so it’s not like she’s Sofia Vergera. What’s more, she may have had a role that associated her with this issue. Here Mariska Hargitay --quite sexy, I’d say–is associated with sex crime causes due to her work in SVU.
Not very good reporting so far.


plastic surgery as a form of “aggression” against the female body “like a burqa made of flesh.”

Brilliant! AP missed the lede…

…“in full collaboration and integration”…

I don’t think they know what that phrase means.


Rosary clutching prudes! The actress in question is pleasant and moderately attractive. I don’t recall those offenses being included on the Mt. Sinai decalog.


New RC hymnal entry:

“I believe in miracles, where you from, you sexy prelate?”


Definitely attractive. But she’s not acting in a sexual way. Seems more like a professional spokesperson or voice over actor. Somehow I think if they used an unattractive woman, there would have still been complaints. She would be too thin, or the wrong color, or have done some other job that people disagreed with.

The dude is 78, and the head of one of the most calcified institutions in the world. He and his staff are not going to get everything perfect.


Perception is not reality. G-d is in all of us. Just because someone thinks something is bad, doesn’t make it so. People need to lighten the fuck up.

Wow. Even more sexual, and sexually offensive, than a Hardy’s ad. Or not.

“…criticism of the video was unfair…”

Very much unfair, if the criticism was that the church invited women with Smartphones to chat.

Talking to “dirt poor” women or talking to “filthy rich” women is an arbitrary and bigoted dichotomy. Regardless of its faults, the Catholic Church cannot be accused of indifference to the poor.

During the American Civil War the South was afraid to use freed slaves in their army because if they were good fighters then they were just as good as white men and thus there was no reason for them to be slaves. When the Catholic Church uses women to make policy they are admitting that they are equal to men and there is no reason for them not to be in positions of authority.

The birth control policies of the Church put more people into poverty.

I feel like Red in “The Shawshank Redemption” - don’t know what that Italian woman is saying most of the time, but don’t really care.

“…a bit tone-deaf as far as women are concerned.”

Calling women “strawberries on a cake” and standing in stolid opposition to abortion, birth control, and the idea of woman priests is more than “a bit tone-deaf”, it’s really f*cking offensive.

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Why didn’t they use Sister Mary Elephant? She’s available.

Man, its a big step in the absolute right direction. How about taking the time to appreciate that. There is almost no absolute, 100% right in anything. Its the point or intention that matters.
Women don’t help women by complaining about women. This is basic sales and it isn’t so much about the spokesperson as it is the message.

If every variety of spokeswoman were used, then we would have every variety of complaint, know what I’m sayin’?