Discussion: Vatican Defends US Saint Junipero Serra Against Protests From Native Americans

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Vatican officials on Monday denounced moves to remove Serra’s statue from Congress, saying the historic record shows he defended Native Americans.

Who’s [sic] historic record?


When the Christians landed, they read a declaration of sovereignty to the native population (although not in a language that the native population could understand) which said, in essence, that Jesus Christ owned all the Americas and that his representative, the Pope, has come to claim it in his name. And, further, that if the natives refused to convert to Catholicism, war was a justifiable means to force them to do so. It’s called the Requerimiento.


Who’s historic record?

Interesting question. Let’s make it more explicit:
“Who is historic record?”

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Typical racist left wing anti-Christian crock of shit, this is.

The Requerimiento was in Spanish. Serra was encouraging bilingualism.

There’s already one Juniper big in Catholic lore - also a Franciscan. The story goes that Brother Juniperro hung with the crew of Giovanni (“Francesco”) di Bernadone, from some time after Francesco had left Assisi on his pilgrimage to Rome where he took his vow of poverty.

Brother J was something of a Coarse Comic for Christ - a sort of Galilean Gallagher, using his crazy cut-ups to scrounge lodgings and food for the Assisi crew. He’s remembered almost entirely for crude jokes and slapstick humor that supposedly kept up the crew’s spirits. Otherwise, he’s particulary known for one big whacky thigh slapper of practical joke: the classic Pig’s Foot game he pulled over on a pig farmer that ended up conning the farmer into donating a pig ‘to charity’ (Juniper had already cutt off the pig’s foot … guess you had to be there).

In contrast, this supposedly American Junipereo (a transplanted Spaniard) looks a real Debbie Downer. He was a follower of HMC theoretician John Duns Scotus, )a.k.a. “Duns”). Duns hailed from around Duns Castle in Scotland, a few miles inland from some coastal villages all variously called Berwick, strung down the SE crook of the Firth of Forth, along the main coastal road away from the score of courses in the golfing mecca between south Edinburgh and the village of Gullane (See Muirfield).

Aye, but galphe nae’d bin invented yit then to bring fulfill the hard-souled John. He took to holy orders, turning into quite the whiz of a theoretician. He’s the one who came up with the most closely reasoned line of pro-HMC rationalization that, among other things, supposedly refuted skepticism (and its vital contribution to what eventually became known as science, like observation and reason, and naturalism), promoting in its place the that characteristically unquestioning willful blindness that’s been the yoke of organized Catholicism ever since

(Duns is also said to be the source for the pejorative “dunse”, meaning someone whose thinking is characterized by willfully blind, stubborn, unyielding, irrational fact-free faith. And he also came up with an early forerunner to the line of thinking that led to modern snowflakism. Duns’d be a pretty good candidate for father of American evangelical thinking, except the line breaks down somewhere during the Reformation.).

I’m not Catholic, or any sort of faithy, so fore-give my thinking that Brother Juniper of Italy might make a more memorable and appropriate Lala Land saint, as say the patron of silent film slapstick comedy, than that child-abusing Spaniard Juniperro who used the HMC’s sway over the invading Spanish army to force children into unpaid work gangs.

Aaarggh! Thanks. I should know better.

It’s my understanding that he forced the Indians to stop using their own language and to learn and speak only Spanish. Again, by use of force where necessary.
Not quite the same as bilingualism.


Was there a point to all that rambling?

Perhaps it would add some needed information if you had noted that the “christian” who did this was Hernán Cortés when he landed in what is now Veracruz.

Got it! You and the jihadists both believe that you have the right and duty to kill anyone who doesn’t convert to your personal religion. Somehow that is what one expects from the RWNJ’s who insist on their right to shove their religion down other people’s throats.

Apparently, denial is a river that flows right through Rome.