Discussion: VA Capitol Police Sergeant On Leave After White Nationalist Accusations

Virginia again, what with all the racists there.

OTH, If they start purging all racist cops there will be nobody to turn off the lights.


Sgt. Robert A. Stamm, white nationalist and hate group devotee, named to replace Mulvaney as Chief of Staff.


White nationalists in law enforcement is a big deal. If the effort to combat this scourge starts in Virginia in the wake of the chaos at the top, that is at least a bit of a silver lining.


Why does ANY of these things surprise anyone?

Don’t you remember that VIRGINIA was home to the CAPITAL of the CONFEDERACY? (Richmond)

It was the center of the CONFEDERACY and has never really changed, even after all these years.


Just checking my American extremism scorecard:

  • Right-wing: bomb abortion clinics; kill doctors; assassination attempts at campaign events; mass shootings at schools, churches, musical events; mail bombs to public figures
  • Left-wing: research & blog posts; also, some folks chained themselves to trees or disabled/damaged construction equipment; marches; strikes; shouting at cops; assault self-identified Nazis

They really ought to call it “the Left side of history.”


Capeheart said that on Mourning Joe The first place the brought slaves to in the colonies
A long rich history that seems to be in their DNA
Easier just to make a smaall list of who didn’t wear blackface or belong to a KKK affiliate



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Steve King will prove to have been a pioneer with the ‘What’s wrong with white nationalism?’ defense.

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“northern European paganism and ethnocentrism.”

In my UU church, we have a pagan group. They are northern European pagans. This sounds a whole lot like religious discrimination.

What about the shooting of the GOP Congressional baseball team?

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I had forgotten about that, actually. Fair point.

For now, I’m going with “exception that proves the rule.” Although I will add that I assume there is some point out there when the majority of Americans will no longer be content to sit idly while a handful of staggeringly rich old men dismantle our society, and will become violent. If we reach that point, I assume the statistics will flip dramatically, although I also assume the targets will be categorically different.

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The shooter apparently asked someone beforehand who was out on the field. One thing I’ve never seen answered is whether he would have changed his mind if the answer was different.

(To be fair I missed a lot of the coverage for that so I may very well have missed it.)

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Yeah, I had heard that at the time. I wasn’t surprised, either: for a long time, the GOP has been looting the Treasury and our meager private assets at the demand of their wealthy paymasters, and they’ve all escaped punishment of any sort – even at the ballot box. That can’t go on forever. There has to be a pitchfork threshhold, right?

Stuffed shirts like Susan Collins and Paul Ryan might be less willing to take a job as a bad-faith agent for the uber-wealthy if they knew that the populace has a limited tolerance for that bullshit, and that we are not fooled when they hide behind invented procedural obstacles and discredited propaganda to steal our money and give it to billionaires to hoard.

But, liberals (rightly) prefer non-violent resolution. By and large, all the folks who accept assassination and terrorism are right-wingers. Who, we learned today, probably self-describe as “conservative” but who want (and often desperately need) the kinds of safety nets that are the meat-and-potatoes of progressive policy.

It was wrong for that guy to shoot at Congress. But it scarcely could have happened to a more-deserving group of cynical thieves.

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Carry me back to old Virginny…

Black metal and wicca are very different strains.
As you well know.

.Stamm follows the Asatru Folk Assembly, which the Southern Poverty Law Center describes as a hate group blending northern European paganism and ethnocentrism.

Semi literate and batshit crazy white racists across the US will now begin to demand to be referred to as ethnocentrists.