Discussion: Utah Lawmaker Explains Firing Squad Proposal: There's Only Been One 'Mess-Up' (VIDEO)

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Frankly, if I had a choice in execution, I’d pick firing squad. You are dead before you even hear the gun shots. Assuming, of course, that the shooters can aim.

Interestingly, when Utah gave the condemned the choice of hanging or firing squad, almost every one chose the firing squad, even though the chances of living long enough to suffer are much higher with a firing squad (lots of people have lived with multiple gunshot wounds, and there was no guaranty that the firing squad members were really expert shots) than with a hanging (if there’s a competent hangman).

Eddie Slovik, executed for desertion in 1945.

From the Wikipedia article on him:

Twelve picked soldiers were detailed for the firing squad from the 109th Regiment. The weapons used were standard issue M-1 rifles with just one bullet for each rifle. One rifle was loaded with a blank. On the command of “Fire”, Slovik was hit by eleven bullets, at least four of them being fatal. The wounds ranged from high in the neck region out to the left shoulder, over the left chest, and under the heart. One bullet was in the left upper arm. An Army physician quickly determined Slovik had not been immediately killed. The firing squad’s rifles were reloaded in preparation for another volley. But before the reloading of the rifles was complete, Private Slovik died. He was 24 years of age. The whole process took 15 minutes.[9]


Frankly, if I had a choice in execution, I’d pick firing squad.

This reminds me of a Three Stooges short titled “Restless Knights” and at the risk of being accused of making light of a sensitive subject:

    Archer: (as the boys stand in front of the crossbow firing squad) "Ready! Aim!"
    Larry: "Maybe they'll miss us!"
    Curly: "That would an-arrow escape! Nyuk nyuk nyuk-" *BONK!*

    Moe: (stopping the archers) "Hold on a minute, now! Ain't there another way we can die?"
    Archer: "You may either have your head cut off, or be burned at the stake!" (chuckles)
    Larry: "Cut my head off!"
    Curly: "Not me, I'd rather be burned at the stake!"
    Larry: "Why?"
    Curly: "A hot steak is better than a cold chop!" *BONK!*

Don’t you just love all these people so ready to deal death to all sorts of others, but who’ve never been close to it themselves?
I have an Idea for these nudniks. Let’ me illustrate to them how the Chinese do it.
Kneel the condemned, stand behind them, and one pistol shot at close range. Oh, and then something Republicans will really go for. The State charges the family of the condemned for the bullet.
I’ll just bet there would be a near endless stream of people like this yahoo from Utah just itching to pull the triggers and I bet they can’t wait to charge for the bullets too.


How bout we make it a public execution, make it a family affair like the good old days. Families would dress up in their Sunday best, and maybe even pack a picnic basket. We could set up food and game booths, maybe some live music. Sounds like a killer day (pun intended) doesn’t it.


The right wing thinks the state should sink to the level of murders. How incredibly barbaric and murderous of them.

Really makes the guillotine look pretty attractive huh?

the most humane way is the guillotine; we should start using that again; and we can have public executions again also, so everyone can see how civilized the whole thing is;


What about establishing a “Ned Stark Rule”? That is, if a state must have a death penalty, its pound of flesh, then the Governor of the state, like Ned Stark as Lord of Winterfell, should be the one to personally execute the prisoner.

A ruler who hides behind paid executioners soon forgets what death is - Eddard Stark


Guatemala screwed up a firing squad in 1996 – on TV, no less – and I think ended up shooting the prisoner point blank in the head, which led them to change to injection. Apparently they also messed up their first execution by injection. See p. 313 here.

I actually think firing squad might be more humane, if you have to have the death penalty. But the real story is the bloodlust of these legislators who can’t stand a brand of “justice” that suspends their precious executions.

Watching Hannity pander/suck up to these right wing nut jobs really reveals what a lowlife, scumbag, piece of shit Sean (or Seen as Herman Cain called him) Hannity really is. And yes Herman Cain thought Sean was pronounced Seen.


Too much blood letting. After severing the head, the heart will still pump blood with sufficient pressure to create a big mess. We couldn’t have that could we? Not family friendly. We want our executions to be nice and clean and “non-violent.”

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This isn’t hard, and even the debate about it is pretty silly.

Lethal injection ALWAYS works, or is at least painless if it fails, if only phenobarbital is administered. In Oklahoma, where the phenobarb line pulled out, the convict would have simply had the line re-inserted - no other lethal, painful drugs would have hit his bloodstream, leading to the heart attack.

This tri-drug cocktail is needless, and stupid…a plan designed by those with minimal medical training. Up the dosage of phenobarb, remove the other drugs, and every convict will enter into a deep, deep sleep with minimal fuss and no pain.

If I had a choice of ways to go, a pure phenobarb IV would probably be tops of my list. Well, that or dying at the peak of passionate sex like Rockefeller did…


Well, except for the “living heads” problem.


I don’t know enough about physiology to know whether its not painful or incredibly painful. I know the kind of problems you can get from a surgeon cutting just one nerve. I guess it’s like what animals think - we can’t ask so we’ll never know.

I’m not against the death penalty, it just ticks me off the way these right wing assholes talk so nonchalantly about it. Guess it makes them feel like some tough Hombres when they talk about execution by firing squad so nonchalantly.


Cumming and going has to be the best way to die. Traumatic for your partner but you should be past caring.

The problem is not that people agree such people are monsters, but that the Constitution has a stance on the matter. Cruel and Unusual punishment is not allowed. The issue with a firing squad is you may lay there bleeding out for a while if nobody got a kill shot. It is also an issue of does everyone have a bullet or just a few and so on.

The suffering thing is important. I also think going backwards in this area is strange. Not enough people are executed in most states anyway to warrent much concern in the matter.