Discussion: US Seizes Russian Diplomatic Posts In San Francisco, Washington, New York

I can’t help thinking that if the State Department was functioning as usual, this would not have happened. The Russians kicked out too many Americans, in their retaliation for Obama’s sanctions. That’s some thing that the State Department could have negotiated over — but, the time to negotiate was quite limited and happened during the handover of the ambassadorship from Teftt to Huntsman. If Tillerson was on the ball and the State Department fully staffed, this tit-for-tat could have been avoided.

Once relationships have deteriorated, it’s really hard to bring them back. Putin is a thug, but was this diplomatic tit-for-tat anything other than a badly managed mess?


All of this seems way too extreme for the supposed provocations. Is trump still talking about how putin is the good guy?

I do kinda wonder what kinds of remains of gear and connections we will find in the basements.


I have a difficult time believing Donald either initiated this response or that he’s okay with it. I’m guessing he had no other choice when some in the intel community confronted him with knowledge/evidence of some of the shit he’s done and will likely be used against him during the multiple trials he, Pence and others will be facing soon. Are they trying to provoke Vladimir into releasing some of the dirt on PeePee-in-Chief?


Does’t look good for that Trump Tower project in Moscow.


I agree. My initial instinct was to wonder whose decision it was to enforce this retaliation. Conspicuously silent is the CiC who would not typically be at a loss for braggadocio if this were his idea or he approved, which I’m sure it’s not. It’s like those additional sanctions placed on Russia by the administration prior to the congressional bill that levied even more sanctions. Some additional digging seemed to point to those sanctions being initiated by Mattis just prior to the visit by Ukraine’s president. I assume moves like this come from him as he seems to be the one person that can get these anti-Russia measures past the president.


Russia is upset -wink-wink-

No need to investigate Donald anymore. He’s clearly tough on Russians. Three walkthroughs?

The man is brutal.

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This is how we get Pee Pee-Gate tapes, right?


Remember the story Saturday about the smoke coming out of the chimney in S.F.?
Russian “Diplomatic staff”: “Ashes, ashes, all fall down” All Leave Town".

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You said it. Kabuki alert!

“Wait! These bales of shredded paper weren’t in the pictures on Zillow!!”


Trump: Why is Obama doing this? We should show some respect to my friends who made me POTUS.

This is a scripted kabuki theater pre-arranged between Preshitident Anusmouth-Putindickholster and President Putin. It gives Preshitident Anusmouth and Russian Freedom of Honor Medal Winner Rex Tillorsen plausible facts to claim they are not Russian FSB operatives.

Remember, Preshitident Anusmouth-Putindickholster claimed that President Putin was helping him shrink the State Department by firing 755 employees.