Discussion: US Says Conserving Oil Is No Longer An Economic Imperative

"Planet? Planet? We don’t need no stinking planet."
— from Our Guiding Principles by the Republican National Committee


Typical GOP ignorance…


Some years ago there was a theory that has attributed to some Russians that oil is not a finite commodity. That there is an never ending supply of it.
This change smacks of trying to finesse this theory while making more money for the oil producers.


We are in a suicide spiral.

Who or what is going to save us?

Too bad that the voters didn’t elect Al Gore to be President in 2000. Oh, I forgot. They did.


“Transportation is the single largest source of climate-changing emissions.” Not according to the EPA;

transportation and electricity generation are tied at 28%.

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The great and powerful Oz has spoken.


“It’s like saying, ‘I’m a big old fat guy, and food prices have dropped — it’s time to start eating again,’”

How allegorical.


After all, we can get all the free oil we want from Russia?


Actually, it smacks of a kind of medieval alchemy.


American Petroleum Institute

Certainly an unbiased source for information about energy and public policy.



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Conserving oil makes us economically and geopolitically stronger. That’s obvious. So why do this? Feed big oil, help Russia (always a consideration), and own the liberals. Meanwhile, science is still science and the truth is still the truth, so the consequences will come and be devastating.


There are so many reasons I despise this administration, and it is hard to rank them. Because of the fact it cannot be reversed, though, the pro-global warming energy policy has to rank #1.


If I could choose the candidate most likely to win against Trump in 2020, it would be Al Gore. The candidates we have now have little appeal to independents and about three quarters of Americans believe in climate change. I know, it’ll never happen.

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This is pure Trump: wanton irresponsibility, willful ignorance, greed and idiocy in a single untidy package.


The pendulum swings. This experience of the Trump administration calls for new strategies to deal with the ignorance and willful deceit of their policy makers.

It’s time for thinking caps people! Let’s put them on!

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What about silicone? It is an economic imperative for national security. It is needed for the Federal Repository in First Lady and Confederate Vinyl Inflatable Doll Iwanka Trump’s implants.

Trump and his big-oil pals should go outside and count the number of Hummers they see driving by.

What they seem to fail to realize is that car ownership itself is decreasing in the United States because fewer Americans can afford to own an automobile- the price of the car and the financing, the fuel, the license plates, driver licenses, the maintenance, the insurance, the inspections, the parking, the tolls, etc. etc.

That’s why we’re seeing start-ups like Uber and Lyft, car sharing, bike rentals, people moving back into urban centers, etc.

Reducing fuel mileage standards will only increase demand for gasoline- increasing prices and pushing even more people away from car ownership. And the stupidity of Trump’s oligarchs will not stop the rest of the world from continuing to push for higher efficiency as well as electric vehicles - all they’ll accomplish will be to hurt US manufacturers not smart enough to see the handwriting on the wall as well as sacrifice any chance we had to lead the world in these fields.

People forget it was the oil embargo that helped Toyota end the big three’s domination of US auto sales, and it was the big oil price surge that killed off the Hummer and gave Tesla traction.


Frackin’ idiots, every one…