Discussion: US Rolls Out Restrictions For Flights From 8 Majority-Muslim Countries

Expensive camera or laptop in your checked bag? Might as well kiss that sucker goodbye.

This sounds like more security theater.


I thought it was unsafe to pack Lithium batteries in the hold. But if you put a laptop or iPad, or anything else with a non-removable battery, in the hold, then what happens if it catches fire?

I’ll answer that: the plane goes down.


Seriously? I flew out of Amman a few weeks ago. The security there is already much tighter than in any US airport, with three checkpoints before you get on the plane, not including the guards who check your trunk and under your chassis before your car even gets into the airport.

Apart from the insanity of packing laptops or cameras worth thousands of dollars in checked luggage, all you would have to do to get around this is make a connection. I changed planes in Paris, so I would have been able to keep my camera and laptop with me even though I started in Amman.


We aren’t using logic here. It’s an over reaction to ‘prove’ the travel ban is legitimate.


I eagerly await the lies Spox Spicer will spew to justify this one.


The officials said no U.S.-based airlines have non-stop flights from those cities to the United States

I wonder if that was the key consideration here?


Tiny hint that this is simple harassment—the one out of 10 million people who might be a bad guy and want to do something naughty with a device in the cabin would simply fly out of—anyone? Correct! A country not on the damn list.


The is the “self-pre-deportation” version of the ban. Just make things unpleasant and risky enough for people and they won’t want to get on a plane to come here.

Except for the ones who are really motivated. Uh.


If the concern is another “shoe-bomber” bringing explosives onto, and be willing to go down with, a plane, I don’t think it would be too much of a stretch for that person to rig a remote control or altitude activated trigger for something stored in the hold? What security are we really gaining here?


Trump: It will stimulate economy as people will be forced to buy replacement electronics, hopefully very expensive.

Some tablets have barometers in them. All of them have accelerometers. Figuring out when a plane is taking off and probably when it’s at altitude would be fairly easy.




Once the TSA folks get wind of this and are half-trained on it, in some cases, there will be random, selective enforcement and partial panic by individual TSA employees and all sorts of screw-ups will ensue. I’m sure the Trump Admin only notified a few countries and airlines because they probably don’t have enough staff that know anything to do the job properly.

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Sounds more like harassment theater. “Courts won’t let me ban them? Fine, I’ll just try and make coming here as miserable as possible.”

Does that order include passangers who are operatives of the tRUMP organization as well, because he has business dealings in all of these places, his guys are surely to be on these flights. Or is it targetetted to only non-white people?

Read this story and comments earlier. This one seems to be a plausible explanation for this stupidity. As usual, follow the money.

Is it a coincidence that these Mideastern airlines are the ones that US legacy airlines like Delta have been complaining about, supposedly because they get government subsidies (as do US airlines). Airlines like Emirates provide better and more dependable service to airports that are not slums (unlike in US) and are jumping off points to east and south Asia. Trump promised, during his campaign, to help Delta, etc., suppress their Mideastern competitors, and so he has. This is nothing to do with terrorism and everything to do with propping up American companies that can’t compete on their own internationally.


One could make a possible argument that a threat has been uncovered that makes these new draconian restrictions possible. What makes me skeptical is that airlines from countries not on the banned list (Delta, United BA, etc) are exempted. Are potential terrorists allergic to these other airlines or are we dealing with an indirect way to influence airline competition in a way favorable to US interests???


This is all about the Open Skies treaty.

And as someone mentioned in one of the first comments, Lithium Ion batteries are banned from the cargo hold. So those iPads, Laptops and cameras with these batteries are now all of the sudden ok to check as cargo? This will not end well, to say nothing of the theft by baggage handlers.
EDIT: correcting that the batteries are allowed if they are installed in the equipment. You can’t carry certain types of spare batteries.

I never put anything that is worth anything in my luggage because of the theft issue. A Laptop? An expensive camera and the lenses? No way would I put that in my luggage. There is a high chance it would get stolen. It’s horrible that I don’t trust the announcement and wonder if it’s just to make life more difficult for those countries? They lie all the time. How do we know this is warranted? Their word is worth nothing.

So potential terrorists fly America’s airlines to boost their bottom line. That is until it’s revealed that terrorists are flying American Airlines.

And is it wise to try to eliminate bombs on board by placing the suspected devices in the gut of the plane. Because I’m pretty sure that if they blow up there it’s the same end affect.
Plane go down, all die and terrorist succeed.

Obama must be getting dizzy from all the eye rolling at just how lame this administration is.