Discussion: US Reaches $95.5M Settlement With 'Recruitment Mill' For-Profit Colleges

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This settlement is atrocious. These for profit colleges should have been hit with a billion dollar plus fine for all the damage they have done.

Exactly. Another “We’ll slap one hand while you clutch $900 million in the other” settlement.

Well you two answered my question, I think? I was wondering what percentage this represents of profits and how that could be found out.

At least they are being fined and exposed and hopefully shut down. These are vultures preying on the innocent and unwary.

Just saw this article. For more info, the website Think Progress has a more detailed article.

Here is a key quote: “Education Management Corporation, or EDMC, reached the settlement with the New York Attorney General Eric Scheiderman’s office, along with 38 other state attorneys general, including the District of Columbia. Schneiderman alleged that EDMC — which owns the Art Institutes, Argosy University, and Brown Mackie College — used “high-pressure” recruitment tactics, misrepresented the educational benefits the colleges offer, gave inaccurate information about some of their programs’ accreditation, and misrepresented job placement rates and graduation rates. Back in May, EDMC announced it would gradually shut down 15 of 52 campuses of The Art Institutes.”