Discussion: US Proposes UN Sanctions Banning Oil Exports To North Korea, Freezing Assets

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That’s not going to happen.

And when it doesn’t happen, tweets will surely follow. Trump will point to the UN as a worthless useless body that we should pull out of!!! UN makes us less safe!!! Do we want UN to control our security??? Get American Out oF The UN!!! Send in the Kushner!!!


“It would authorize the 192 other U.N. member states to stop these ships on the high seas to inspect their cargo without their consent and to use ‘all necessary measures’ — which in U.N. language includes force…”

Military escalation of a hair-trigger impasse with a rogue nuclear state.

What could possibly go wrong?


C’mon, Trixie Haley is doing a fine job of sabre-rattling North Korea, Iran, Luxembourg, Tasmania, Vatican City and any other country that’s not US.

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None of these proposals is unreasonable, given the seriousness of the situation. (Nikki Haley surprises me with her competence).

However, China, Russia or both will veto these proposals even if the US can get the rest of the SC to vote for them.

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Not unreasonable, to us.

And yet… why does NK missile program tend to advance visibly, when there’s a tough guy in the White House? could it be that NK feels more threatened when we make all these threats?

It would also freeze the assets and impose a travel ban on Kim Jong Un and four other top party officials, Hwang Pyong So, Kim Ki Nam, Kim Yo Jong, and Pak Yong Sik.

But, what about Dennis Rodman?

If history was any indication, one could cite the fact that one of the major inspirations for the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor was in response to an oil embargo.

Thankfully, history never repeats itself. Amirite?

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I’m not really sure what motivates NK’s leader, but seem like helping countries like this might be the way to go. Increasing what we’ve already done doesn’t seem to be working.

Of course. It is rational for NK to try to develop nuclear weapons. It is also rational for everyone else to try to stop them.

As far as I’m concerned, this is not a morality play. This is existential. The more countries with nuclear weapons, the higher the likelihood that they will be used. Once nuclear weapons are used, things may spiral out of control rapidly to a civilization-ending scenario.

I wish, I really wish, we could put the genie back in the bottle, but we can’t. So the next best thing is to limit the number of genies.

Finally, I don’t know if Kim Jong-un is really crazy or if he is rational, but you have to take his threats seriously. I really worry that Trump is nuts.

On the Kim side, the kinds of sanctions that are being proposed, according to experienced policy makers from across the political spectrum, would have a suffocating fiscal impact on NK. If Kim is rational, this will force him to back down and maybe even stop or reverse their weapons development programs. At that point, the rest of the world has to offer some kind of reward - negotiating a treaty finally ending the Korean war, providing economic assistance, etc. This is where Trump’s craziness is worrisome - he’s such a narcissistic idiot that he may reject offer of any positive incentives, because that would mean he isn’t “winning”. So, the key is that he somehow be reigned in by his staff. Hasn’t happened yet. He needs to be impeached and removed from office before he gets lots of people killed.

If, however, Kim is not rational, then all bets are off and we’re in very dangerous territory unless he is removed from office and he has worked ruthlessly to reduce the likelihood of that by purging his military, government and even family.

So, some people seem pretty calm about all of this. Maybe they know something I don’t. Errors could have catastrophic consequences.