Discussion: US Gulf Coast Races To Ready For Fast-Moving Hurricane Nate

I hope there’s not too much damage. I’ve heard Puerto Rico has thrown our budget a little out of whack.


The Gulf is being attacked by climate change and is under siege by hurricane.

You have to wonder if they get it when they are evacuating the oil rigs and production keeps getting ‘interrupted’.

And this is basically just the beginning.
Methinks these same deniers will be begging for government sponsored solar energy and electric vehicles in just a few more seasons.

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I just hope Hair Furor didn’t tear his rotator cuff lobbing paper towels in Puerto Rico.

His arm is going to be needed again for Nate, unless Mikey Pence is gonna be the reliever…

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Good to see you here at TPM, Melinda. We’re hunkering down in Thibodaux. I hope we come through Nate okay in Louisiana and the rest of the Gulf Coast…