Discussion: US-Backed Coalition Cut Secret Deals With And Paid Al-Qaida Fighters

Your tax dollars at work . . . .

. . . . only for whose benefit?


Do you suppose that Chiselin’ Trump took a cut?


This is what the US did with Sunni insurgents (“awakening”) during the Iraq surge of 2007. NBD.


What happened to bomb the shit out of them?

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Is this Trump Administration policy?

If the Dems ever get back on top, then Russia, KSA and Israel will need to be punished for meddling in our politics and generally being evil. And if the Dems say “Bygones, we have this incremental centrist healthcare legislation we need to move and punishing bad actors is a huge distraction,” it’ll be rinse and repeat all over again and we can kiss whatever sovereignity we have left goodbye.


The question for me is what the end game is, or if there is one. If the Saudis “win”, then AQAP has piles of money and will either take a significant part in the new government (as with the taliban in afghanistan) or move somewhere else. If the Saudis “lose” then AQAP goes somewhere else, with a big bankroll. And if the war goes on forever it just keeps swallowing money and lives. And meanwhile Daesh.


He said he was going to “bomb the hell out of ISIS.” Didn’t realize it would be an explosion of cash raining down on them.



A Republican administration working with the terrorists who caused 9/11? The event that Republicans still use to demonize Muslims? The event that another Republican administration responded to with all sorts of devious plots and illegal acts while calling these same terrorists the worst threat ever, wrapping themselves in the flag, and denouncing anyone who opposed said plots and acts as un-American?

Is that what we’re saying here?

Well, I’m holding my breath for the outrage from the right (please, send paramedics to my location, I think I’ll need them to resuscitate me).


Blame Obama. Waiting for the tweet…

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They’ll blame Obama and play dumb

Overall, deals that took place during both the Obama and Trump administrations have secured al-Qaida militants’ withdrawal from multiple major towns and cities that the group seized in 2015, the AP found. The earliest pact, in the spring of 2016, allowed thousands of al-Qaida fighters to pull out of Mukalla, Yemen’s fifth-largest city and a major port on the Arabian Sea.

Doesn’t look like just a Trump thing


Without question! As I am sure many of his cronies have. Between Trump, Pence, Sessions, Mnuchin, Ross, Pruit, Zinke, Nielsen, Azar, Perdue, Acosta, Carson, Perry, DeVos, Wilke, Miller, Mulvany, Sarah Hamhock, and others, this is the most corrupt and criminal administration this country has ever had!

It is a veritable Rogue’s Gallery.


From the article:

Overall, deals that took place during both the Obama and Trump administrations have secured al-Qaida militants’ withdrawal from multiple major towns and cities that the group seized in 2015, the AP found.


See above.


The Saudis


“Elements of the U.S. military are clearly aware that much of what the U.S. is doing in Yemen is aiding AQAP and there is much angst about that,” said Michael Horton, a fellow at the Jamestown Foundation, a U.S. analysis group that tracks terrorism.

“However, supporting the UAE and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia against what the U.S. views as Iranian expansionism takes priority over battling AQAP and even stabilizing Yemen,” Horton said.

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Don’t tell me that Donald hasn’t been moneylaundering for radical Islamic terrorists for decades. The first thing he did as president is fly to Saudi Arabia and toss around that glowing ball with the new king. They’re old friends just like the Russians are with Republicans.

Don’t think that is going to happen. We have a Democratic barn burner going on here in St. Louis between Cori Bush and Lacey Clay/Wesley Bell and Robert McCollough. The times and political landscape are a changing.

State wide, suburban white voters are joining with new urban progressive blacks to combat the rural conservative that have a stranglehold on our state. It’s not moderate vs liberal any longer. It’s the future versus the past. Smart Centralists and moderate Republicans are getting with the program.