Discussion: US Atty In NC Willing To Extend Deadline On Request For Voter Docs For ICE Probe

I hope we get a full public report on the cost of this chasing of the goose.


If there’s 19 improperly cast votes there’s certainly a few million more.


With all due respect, what could “all cast ballots” possibly have to do with this case other than as an intimidation technique and a resource suck. If there’s any connection between signins and ballots there’s election tampering going on.


That’s all it is. Don’t vote because the man will be up your ass if you do.


They could certainly dispense with reviewing any O’Reillys or Ginsbergs. Their illegal entries happened generations ago.

And if you fail to signal a change in line at the precinct you just get shot.

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That’s just part of “the probe,” right?

The office said Thursday “it may be unnecessary to produce all cast ballots,” for the probe…

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If the intent is to suppress legal voters , The US Atty in NC should review his understanding of 18 U.S. Code § 242.

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“willing to wait until two months after the upcoming midterm elections”

Translation: “Take all the tie you need to fabricate the fraud accusations and manufacture the evidence. We’re on your side.”

What fuckwittery is this and how did I not know they’d impaneled a grand jury in my own backyard to “investigate” bullshit?

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I’m going to assume that NC was chosen as the place to do this because of just how much absolute control over the state gov’t and election apparatus the GOP has managed to gain for itself and how faithfully racist and whitely frightened they’ve proven themselves with respect to redistricting (federal court literally finding it was EXOPLICITLY racist…wow), voter fraud mythology, power grabs, voter suppression, etc., they’ve proven to be. NC is sort of ground zero for white fright white nationalism it seems to me.


Not good enough. The mere threat is voter intimidation and voter suppression. I highly doubt it is even legal.

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It probably isn’t, but by the time someone takes the govt to court and an injunction is issued, it might be too late to prevent suppression.

Makes me wonder what they told the impaneled grand jury? And what cities are in the Eastern District of NC? And how long does a seated impaneled jury sit? And did anyone in the US Attorney’s Office of Eastern NC read the procedures for County Election Board document retention? And who will pay for this?

Oh, sure, they will wait, now that the job is done and people have to worry about their votes and private information being shared with who knows what people. This is all about intimidation, scaring people into not voting because they fear the government will come after them. Undocumented immigrants don’t vote, but there are a ton of black people in NC who know the history of how racist whites come after them, that’s who this was aimed at.

Voting is the best revenge.

EDNC is basically Raleigh to the Outer Banks.

The EDNC and MDNC border is between Raleigh and Durham, which are basically part of a single megalopolis, but that’s how it splits. Most of the state’s rural minority population is in the EDNC. It’s urbanized minority population is evenly divided between the EDNC (Raleigh, Wilmington), the MDNC (the I-40 corridor from Winston Salem to Durham) and the WDNC (Charlotte).

If this is true, then it incredibly saddens me. In my lifetime, North Carolina has always been the “New South” model that non-crazy Southerners have optimistically hoped to replicate in their own states. From the outside, North Carolina has the distinction of being the place where “your grandad’s Conservatives” placed paramount importance on economic, civic, and reputational development. I was taught that NC Republicans understood that investing in education and infrastructure would bring more intelligent people, more businesses, more money, more capital, more revenue, and more prestige to the state, which would improve the lives of everyone.

@ncsteve - Am I completely off base here? My parents’ generation are all Reaganite douchebags, but they and my New Dealer grandparents, who came down from the mountains to work in the cotton mills, both seemed to agree on this point.

Also, for the pedants / purity politsiya - I do remember Jesse Helms. I also remember Obama winning NC in 2008 and Roy Cooper in 2016.

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There was an American Experience about the North Carolina Klan in the 60’s. It is fascinating. It was the largest Klan in the nation but the least violent (not to say nonviolent, but nothing like the rest of the South). All of modern North Carolina politics, up until the Koch takeover and nationalization of the NC GOP in 2010, are explained by that documentary. Basically the story of working class white resentment blowback in the furniture and cotton mill towns to the progressivism pushing the state out and ahead of the South (and into a relatively soft integration landing) by people like William Friday and Terry Sandford. After the Klan (as large Klans always do) collapsed in scandal and dissension, all of those people just moved directly into orbit around Jesse Helms (then a commentator at WRAL).

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