Discussion: Until We Tackle Segregation, White Cops Will Keep Shooting Black People

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Perhaps also tackle the influx of white supremacists into PDs. Some of those who work forces are the same who burn crosses.


Without a doubt, the video of Walter Scott’s cold blooded murder and the fact Slager’s report was a lie, and that his fellow officers covered for him with their silence. Well, it should put the majority of ALL shootings by police officers of unarmed black men nationwide into doubt. Or, at least deserving of deeper scrutiny.

It was very predictable the media and conservatives right away would claim the Justice Department report proved Officer Wilson was innocent of any wrong doing in the Michael Brown shooting. The report did no such thing. It concluded there was not enough evidence to prove anything definitely.
Myself, I have no doubt if a complete video existed of the entire encounter officer Wilson had with those two unarmed black youths, Wilson wouldn’t be a right-wing hero. Instead, he would’ve likely faced manslaughter charges in which a Missouri jury would’ve completely exonerated him. Video or not, a conviction of a white officer for shooting a black man in Missouri is about as likely as the arrest and prosecution of a Southern lynch mob in the 30’s.


Or more broadly, just plain old bullies. In the ranks of law enforcement, as among security guards and nightclub bouncers, there exists a certain set of not-very-bright people who are drawn to the profession because it gives sanction to their need to forcibly impose their will on others, and to live out their tough-guy identity. These are the people who use excessive force, escalate conflicts, terrorize citizens and punish people for things like “perceived disrespect of Cop.” These are the hotheads and loose cannons who shoot people, and we keep hiring them and retaining them. The problem goes beyond racism.


Until we tackle hatred and bigotry in the minds of some white cops, the murdering of innocent Black men will continue. And there will not be justice until the juries are made up of citizens whose minds are not clouded by bigotry and hatred.

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Maybe I missed the part where it was said that if the white police officers live in the same neighborhoods or communities, they would definitely not be racist nor behave in racists ways against blacks. Must be the cynic in me, but I think where you live isn’t anywhere near as important as your general outlook about those who are different from you.

Segregation isn’t the issue, it’s prejudice. Separate but equal was not a solution, but it allowed people of color to feel safe in their own neighborhoods. The transition to an integrated society is of course desirable, but it will be painful and slow. Given that competition for living wage jobs is intense, that education is in reality a cultural and economic benefit, until we separate employment from income and provide every citizen with money enough to meet basic needs, free healthcare, and free education, segregation as well as prejudice will be endemic.

I agree with Lawrence very much. Look these are the problems that our Congress should be resolving right now. But unfortunately, those rednecks feel as though the laws are just fine just as they are. Sure a lot of them may be verbally stating they agree the prison industrial complex must change because the current course cannot be sustained, but there is absolutely NO ACTION occurring!

So I hope that all of us who are truly calling these types of brutal attacks from all police departments across our nation, as unjust and therefore illegal and will not be accepted as a method of “policing” in our neighborhoods, will go to the polls and vote, whenever and wherever the doors are open for them to do so!

That means primary elections too! Go look up your voting rights to vote in your primary elections. This is among one of the most important votes you will ever cast! This vote determines which candidate’s name will appear on the general ballot on Election Day! So please do not take your duty too lightly during the primary election season! HINT: This is why we have the Congress we have today…114th Congress

And more importantly, vote in every general election that are held within your jurisdictions! We need our representatives who see the urgent need to move our laws forward to account for the citizens who resides in the US in the current 21st Century! The population from 1950’s has drastically changed and our laws needs to reflect that very fact! Besides, We The People decided long ago that Our Nation Is That Beacon Upon A Hill! EQUALITY FOR ALL! That is what our Constitution says and that is what our policies and laws should also reflect!

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Right on!

But there is one statement that I disagree with you on. And that is, if a video had existed for Wilson’s encounter with Brown, then Wilson would no longer be a right-wing hero! No, he would remain very much a right-wing hero. Wilson is a member of the right-wing family. Wilson is a by product of the right-wing movement! Just listen to their radio heroes such as, Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Alex Jones, Lauren Inghram, Ted Nugget, etc…Wilson represents these rught-wing nuts!