Discussion: University Finally Condemns Freakout Against 'Problem Of Whiteness' Class

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It is about time that the ASU has taken a public stand on this. It is equally a shame that the authors of the University’s statement lacked the courage to specifically defend the controversial course and the professor who taught it. Universities need to explore controversial topics, through research and through the courses they offer. That is their job in expanding human knowledge and understanding.

The “Problem of Whiteness” course is a case in point. The neo-nazis and other hate groups who so vocally rail about it need only to look in the mirror to understand why it is important.


Critical thinking is a big fat no-no with Christianists. The Arizona State University should borrow someone’s balls.


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How very white of them.

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There would be much talk of the administration finally ‘screwing it’s courage to the sticking place’ if any of them had been English majors and knew where the reference came from. Instead, let’s just boil it down to ‘After a couple of weeks, a university finds the little gold box where it keeps its balls and after screwing them on, stands up to a bunch of Klan Wannabees.’ Wow. What a shock.

Meawhile, take a peek over at Raw Story and check out the eyes on the black dude who tells Geraldo to get the fuck out of Baltimore cause Fox. Those eyeballs are the stuff of Teabagger nightmares when they dream about That BLACK Man in the WHITE House… Oh hell…Never mind. I’ll get 'em.

This photo is credited to You Tube, by the way.

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Throw a chair?

Nah, it’s been done.

“This behavior and these sentiments do not reflect the values of our community.”

They know they’re in Arizona, right?

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