Discussion: Under The Shadow Of Trump’s Border Mania, Kushner Works To Increase Legal Immigration

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I am sure Melania has a few more relatives that need to get in.


And how is Kushner ‘working’ to increase legal immigration?
What proposals has he developed? Who in Congress is working with him to develop legislation?

Bumping up against Miller doesn’t count as work.


So the boy wonder has a new area to f*ck up!


How can Kushner possibly even find the energy to work to increase legal immigration? After all, the poor boy must be absolutely exhausted after bringing peace to the Middle East.


DHS sec. Nielsen says 900,000 people are expected to cross the border “with no legal right to stay. We must treat this like a Cat 5 hurricane.” (From cnn.com)

I think Nielsen is ignorant of or maybe deliberately ignoring our refugee laws. Or maybe dhe just wants to be deliberately cruel.
I know nobody in the admin. listens but the way to fix this is not at the border but, rather, at the countries the people are leaving. And cutting off foreign aid to them is not helping. Much of that money goes to aid workers and nonprofits, not local governments.


Does anybody care about infrastructure? Just look… bridges are collapsing!!!


Nor does it count as fun.

I keep wondering when will trump fire the rest of his cabinet and it just be him and his family in the White House

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INDIVIDUAL1 et al cages children, separates families, instill fear and criminalizes asylum seekers and migration instead of treating immigration as a civil matter then tells us Kushner is working to increase legal immigration…

We have seen this before!

INDIVIDUAL1 instructs Mulvaney to cruelly take away funding for Special Olympics then threw DeVos under the bus then INDIVIDUAL1 says he overrode his people…

It’s like INDIVIDUAL1 et al starts a fire then shouts I’ll put the fire out because I’m the hero…

Please…NO kudos for trying to fix what you all cruelly broke! This is clearly another gaslighting and pretend “good deed” from the great pretenders!

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Donald needs low cost helpers to try and keep all his mismanaged resorts afloat


So who are these “trump allies” who want the red meat? Obviously not the business types who want the workers.

I’m assuming that Jared has talked with the chamber of commerce and is working to implement a guest-worker program with lower wages for the same job and a time limit on how long workers can stay before being forced to go back to their “home” countries. But miller still thinks that dilutes the bloodlines of the reich.

Can someone please remind me when exactly Jared Kushner was elected/appointed to office? Hmm, I seem to remember a big fuss when Hillary Clinton was assisting her husband’s Administration; oh, of course, they were Democrats. Carry on…


You mean increasing immigration from European?

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Must be the Saudi Connections that are moving things over the line for Kushner now that the Saudis are actively buying up parts of the United States with the help of the Trump administration. Notice how your gas prices just went up? Given the sweet deal between Trump and Putin in Venezuela, we can expect Russian oligarchs enjoying the prizes that can be bought in America. Makes one wonder about the sense of not letting the Chinese and North Koreans in as well. You can read more about it when you eat your Trump Steaks.


Trump has never had a problem with white immigrants (he married one!) It’s been clear for a while that his “anti immigrant” stance is really just window dressing for his stance on skin color.