Discussion: Under-The-Radar Border Problem: No One Wants To Be A Border Patrol Officer

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Who wouldn’t want to have the opportunity to commit crimes against humanity, while hauling in a princely $52,583 a year?


Gee, no one wants to work in the White House, either. Or be in the cabinet (except for power-grifters and elitist .00025%ers.


a couple years ago we were trying to find a career for my SS, then 21-ish, and he was looking at military, police, etc. We looked at him being a border patrol type but then we looked at some of the towns they were hiring for. He looked at me, I looked at him, and even I, trying to get him out of the house, said we’d keep checking out other stuff.

Proud to say he’s a LEO now and liking his work.


Now Hiring:
Do you want to spend your life working in remote, harsh locations?
Does an annual salary of 40K sound good?
Do you like the idea of being the final nasty end of a dream of desperate people fleeing horrible conditions?
The Border Control is Hiring!


Unfortunately we know just the group of people who would accept these jobs with low pay and bad working conditions that no American wants
Irony dare not speak it’s name


Takes a certain kind of person. Years ago I was doing some work for the BIA, and ended up on the Tohono O’odham Reservation, west of Tucson. Met the chief of police there, who had just enough Native American genes to qualify for the job - he certainly hadn’t grown up on the reservation. He just loved it out there - liked to go hunting, hiking, etc.

But geez, talk about remote. I walked past the playground at the local elementary school, and the kids all stopped their ball game to stare at me. I realized that most of them had probably never been off the reservation, and had never seen a tall, pasty white guy in person.


So, if the smart ones want ICE jobs and the ones with a conscience want out, what remains?


I’m sure the Cartels would be happy to do it. And we wouldn’t even have to give them a salary-- Mexico will take care of that!

But the non-snark answer would be that it’s why those are the modern-day brownshirts. Thugs and brutes.


Maybe except in border towns with international bridges,there can’t be many other job opportunities down there. Same issue as rural areas everywhere.


This is exactly the American businessman’s excuse for hiring illegally in the first place.

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We need a Keynesian economy on steroids, inject massive amounts of capital into the middle-class consumer pockets, and the flow of it (no trickle) to the rest of the global economy would provide opportunity to everyone, creating commerce so vibrant and thriving, we will gladly accept new citizens from south of the border to help support that economy.

Yes, I realize I’m putting an economic solution on what seems to be a cultural issue, but the fact is, when our economy roars, the border ceases to be an issue because the Trump voters don’t feel threatened, they have good paying secure jobs, and immigrants can fill the remaining jobs available. Only a healthy global economy can do that, and the only way to a healthy global economy is for it to flow, not trickle down.

Releasing just a portion of the captive wealth that our struggling billionaires hoard can fix most of the immigration issues, and it would end this stupid wall business for good.


If we would just hire mercenaries to watch our borders the way the Romans did, we could just sit back and enjoy our bread and circuses (cable and gubhub) free of worries.


Grew up near the Canadian border with an international bridge less than 10 miles away. I remember border patrol officers and customs folks living in town. It was a good living for them at the time (80’s). A respected and respectable position, decent pay, great benefits.

But that was the Canadian border. Different world altogether.


Maybe trump will decide to relocate workers and their families, who have no job options where they live due to trump’s tarriffs and other stupid policies, and make them Border Agents.

Problem Solved !!! Trump would tout it as a win. Workers and their families are unhappy … too bad. (Snark)

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Add to that a lot of the customs officials were part time–a couple were teachers at my school and worked at the border during the summer and weekends.


Where are all those young white men in khakis and carrying tiki torches? They could cover the night shift.

When you are defending Western Civilization, things like modest pay and remote work locations are trivial concerns.


So, not only does no one want to be a Border Patrol Officer, you really have to wonder about the motivations of those who do.


I’m sure the government shutdown, going 5 weeks without pay and the possibility of a re-run coming right up was a HUGE boost to recruiting.,…


Do they get a bonus for each kid put in a cage?

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