Discussion: Unanimous Senate GOP Filibusters Minimum Wage Hike

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Yes, the wealthy Congressmen and women who don’t ever want anyone else to get a living wage. Another example of government of, by and for the wealthy.


And look, they are so proud of their damn selves!


On NPR, they were reporting this as if it was a huge win for Republicans and a shocking loss for Democrats. Because yeah boy, is this ever going to be a winner for Republicans in the fall and those silly, feckless Democrats have played right into their hands.


In fairness, that’s the stock photo TPM runs whenever Republicans “win” something, even when what they’ve won is a vote they’ll have to defend in the fall.

I think that polls have consistently shown majority support for raising the minimum wage. If so, this could be another winning issue for Dems - as long as they GOTV!


Callous, empathy-devoid Republican legislators need to spend a day in the shoes of those living in poverty while working multiple minimum wage jobs in an effort to make ends meet.

Perhaps they believe their own rhetoric – when struggling wage earners can actually afford to pay the rent, feed the family, and obtain a decent health insurance plan … then the terrorists have won!

Why would Republican Senators raise the minimum wage to $10.10, when they can simply funnel millions in lucrative contracts to their campaign donors?

Who’ll funnel some back.

The median net worth of a Senator is only $2.6 million, so one can see why they’d vote against someone making over $20K per year.

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Table a bill of $ 200B SUBSIDY for Koch Brothers they will unanimously say ‘YES’. As a matter of fact they are doing it while screaming for KXL Pipeline. Republicans favor Koch and the likes.

Turn arrrrounnnddd, bright eyes! http://www.logikblog.com/divided-we-fall/post/The-Minimum-Wage

What a bunch of smug bastards. Retire the “old men.”