Discussion: UN Human Rights Chief: Trump Would Be 'Dangerous' If Elected

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Oh Great! This is just going to feed in to the Trump supporters’ paranoid delusions about the UN—

…and he is a Jordanian.


Trump has no paranoid delusions about the UN. His delusions are instead appropriate to the uselessness and danger of the UN’s existence. This spokesman has no credibility for that reason.

True that. If this guy, who has served and is from a country that is, even if benevolently, a totalitarian regime, wants to keep Trump out of office, he would keep his mouth shut. No free country’s voters give a fig over what people for other countries think, and in the case of this election, this guy, if he had any brains, would realize that nothing he says would change the mind of a single Trump voter, and might instead drive a few to the polls to show him that what he says does not matter.

The man is not wrong, in my opinion. Oh, look, our resident troll is back! He/she is the one with “no credibility.”


Let’s stop worrying about someone from another country talking smack about Dump, instead let us worry why a Russian UN official finds it offensive to the point of lodging a complaint on Dump’s behalf.

“U.N. Human Rights Chief” scans better than “UN Human Rights Chief”. Just a thought…