Discussion: Ukrainian Official: Russian Officer Pulled The Trigger On Malaysia Plane

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How can the authenticity of the recordings be proven? Sounds like spooks on the loose?

There will probably be a lot of mysteries unsolved about this plane, and lots of conspiracy theories and misinformation worldwide, just as there was for the previous lost plane from the same airline.

Rule purists want to deny ‘evidence’ conveyed by their own eyes as horror cannot be measured or weighed…Putie has thrived in these unquantifiable interstices within the digital age.
Of course, a Russian officer had to be directly involved in the missile launch as the Ukrainian insurgents make the Honey Boo Boo family seem like NASA Mission Control.

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I think, to be clear, no Russian deliberately shot down a passenger aircraft. If that is what is being said its ridiculous. The downing of that plane was the product of recklessness and stupidity. It was not known to be a passenger craft and then targeted. It was stupidly thought to be a military craft ten hastily shot down.


The claim makes sense when you consider that the first official Russian reaction was to ask what a commercial jet was doing in that airspace. And in fact many other airlines were following alternate routes. In fact, in that first call transcription, the one Russian intelligence officer was asserting that if a commercial plane was in that space, there must have been spies on board. This provides context that gives the claim credence. Consider the Russian mindset at the time of the shooting.


As I’ve since learned from research and at-length discussion-- MH17 was following the same-- nearly exact-- flight path that it had for the previous 60 straight days (likely longer). I tried hard to find deviations-- but none played out to that end.


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Yup–I read somewhere that if they had been a few thousand feet higher they would have been safe. But I don’t know if that is true. Apparently a number of other airlines were re-routing. I have no idea about the black market, but this whole event could have been a clever marketing strategy for underground arms merchants. IYKWIM…I mean, do you think the Russian Mafia engages in black market arms sales??? “See boys, what can be done with a mobile SAM?” Would the boy billionaires that fund Al Qaeda want to lay hands on this toy–you know, for the loyal jihadists?

Russian President Vladimir Putin blamed the Ukrainian government for the tragedy.

That’s a kind telling of what the Russian President said – he blamed the Ukrainian government for the fighting not ‘blowing the jet out of the sky’. I’m not sure if it was Vladimir that floated – a fighter plane [that can only fly at 20,000 ft. max] was trailing the 777 jet [flying at 33,000 ft.] at the time it was shot down – in other words, ‘The Russian got nothing.’

Apparently the airspace warning was to 32k ft-- MH17 was at 33k.
Not much room for the undiscerning radar operator.


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Yeah–I guess the takeaway is that the Buk system can accurately target high speed aircraft at 33k–which suggests the FAA data was inaccurate. As an aside, I bought the house I live in from the head of the European FAA, 11 years ago. When this disaster happened, I wondered about the impact on her day at the office.