Discussion: Ukraine Reports Overnight Rebel Attacks On Border

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Unless the Europeans want to risk Russia shutting off their gas, they’ll ignore this creeping escalation as well.

What was Ukraine doing all these years if what they have for an army is this ineffectual?

If everyone in the Ukraine had guns, this wouldn’t have happened!

Oh. Wait.

Here. Allow me to help you out on that one.

Google: “Viktor Yanukovych corruption” and “Viktor Yanukovych Russian puppet”

Allow yourself at least half a day’s worth of reading to get up to speed.

Also keep in mind that, under Yanukovych, the Ukraine military and intelligence services were heavily infiltrated by Russians. Not only are they fighting a foreign instigated and funded insurrection over 20%-30% of their entire country, they are simultaneously attempting to purge Russian insurrectionists from their own military units and facilities who are wearing Ukrainian uniforms under Ukrainian oath of service.

All in all, in the last 60-some days their plate has been pretty full, and they’re doing a pretty spectacular job in the face of this level of treason. In addition to fighting the Russian military.