Discussion: UK Prime Minister Says No, Again, To Second Brexit Vote

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This position makes no sense at all.
The first vote was the betrayal of democracy, because of lies (by Farage, et. al.), Russian interference and money.
The people want another vote—why force them to a result they do not now want?


“gross betrayal of our democracy” to have another vote.

I hope the covfefe staffer wrote it, but I have no confidence that’s the case.


“Betrayal” is not the word to describe sobering up and realizing you’ve pulled a disaster down on your heads. If you have a feel-good vote that you belatedly realize is a practical catastrophe and you’ve got a chance of a do-over, take it, Brits. We sadder but wiser colonials think you should trust us on this.


It is anti democracy to have a vote??? yeah that makes a lot of sense.


“Dammit we lied, cheated and stole to get the result we wanted! We’re not going to have a ‘do over’ now that our grand plan is blowing up in our faces and the people have learned of our corruption and malfeasance!!! That just ‘undemocratic’”!


Sorry. But who exactly is saying “people” want another vote? Polls? Sure it isn’t Vladimir?

The Prime Minister is correct. Voting isn’t the problem. It’s past time for Brits to act responsibly. Respect the vote by voting smarter going forward.

Right now, Brits need to fix their trade.

How’s the weather in St Petersburg this morning?


““gross betrayal of our democracy” to have another vote.”

Because learning new things is never an excuse to change your mind.


The EU needs to just pull the plug.

Hard Brexit all the way.

The negotiations for the UK to get back in after they crash should be fun.

When is the next election there?

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I suspect that she and her party will both be out of power soon enough. When is the next national election in the UK?

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The problem is, both major parties have fascist tendencies. Her refusal to allow a new vote is fascist; Labor’s stark anti-Semitism is fascist. Where the US has one thoroughly-corrupt, openly-fascist party, currently in power, Britain has two half-corrupt, half-fascist parties.

Nice headline, AP. Too bad the PM ultimately doesn’t have the power to prevent a second vote.

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So, Hypothetically if we vote in a Dr Strangelove, who really wants to drop the bomb, according to your logic we should just suck it up and let him drop the bomb, and next time don’t vote in a bomb happy maniac. No do-overs to save the world. Sorry world, you had your chance, sorry you got snookered the first time. That really makes no sense to me at all. Maybe I just misunderstood you, though.


May’s continued refusal to grab a life raft is really baffling.

The original referendum was non binding. But British politicians have been surprisingly unanimous in their refusal to consider anything like a do-over. Even face-saving ideas like a citizen referendum on the proposed deal.

More and more evidence is coming out that the Leave campaign was up to all sorts of shenanigans (even aside from the lies about NHS funding). And yet no-one has seized on this obvious out for the pickle they have put themselves in.

Since Britain is a parliamentary system the MPs could force the issue with a no confidence vote- making them just as complicit as may, in my opinion.


If they could get the Brexit deal that was presented to the voters in the referendum, May might have a case. But the current deal is far from that-it will leave Britain subject to most or all EU rules without having a voice in making those rules. It’s the worst of all possible outcomes. This deal needs to be put to the voters. especially given May’s very poor showing in the intervening election.


Serious question— Jeremy Corbyn seems to be Bernie without Bernie’s charm or policy smarts. Any chance the LibDems could get it together and at least have a say in the next Parliament??

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I agree. As Atrios over at Eschaton.com keeps saying, the UK needs the EU, but the EU couldn’t really give a damn about the UK staying in the EU. I don’t see why the EU is even entertaining any of this nonsense about giving special status to the UK. Pull the plug now, and make them suffer the consequences. Theresa May can then go cry on Trump’s shoulder, since he is such a fucking master of international trade relations. LOL! And I cannot wait, post-Brexit, to see Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson strung up by the British populace like pinatas.


I keep reading that Brexit will have a major impact upon food imports into the United Kingdom, but Theresa May will be spared any discomfort by this, since she will be eating her words.


I have a sneaking suspicion that Theresa May is not very smart. Is it just me?