Discussion: UK Independence Party Lawmaker Hospitalized After Altercation With Colleagues

… working-class people “need to have a voice against the elites.”

Why do these rights and ultra-rights always use the same lingo? I want my leaders to be smarter, more talented, and more able than the “common man.” Average is not something to aspire to, really.


Good grief, these bumbling buffoons couldn’t be trusted to butter toast without jabbing their eyes out. Send them to Europe out of spite, fine, but why did you listen to their nonsense on Brexit?


They’re just like all the “independent” western types who suck at the teat of the government they hate. Worry about this guy, though. Description suggests a brain bleed.

I wonder if they ever expected to “succeed”, or if they were like the GOP factions that fund-raise forever on the outrage of not being in power.


They have been warned that their unbridled rhetoric could lead to violence …oh,well.

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