Discussion: UK Attorney General Throws Water On May's Brexit Deal

It will be high comedy if the Brexiteers end up permanently tied at the ankle to the EU without even the capacity to influence EU policy, simply because they couldn’t get their shit together enough to agree on an alternative.

Dark high comedy, because Putin will certainly be laughing hardest.


BBC gets geo-locked, but Sky News carries all the action and thrills of the debate live! Stream away…

Does anyone else find it odd that we don’t see polling on Brexit?

I haven’t gone searching for polling results, but I would have expected at least one of the many Brexit articles I’ve read to mention public opinion on the matter.

Also, Britain is badly in need of a good witch hunting.


Ha, ha, ha ha, ha. Crash and burn, jerks. Crash and burn.

I’m just surprised no one has invoked (adulterous, murderous scumbag) Henry VIII as a parallel, at least in terms of casting the EU as Rome and Britain needing to break away for FREEDOM!!! or whatever. What I wouldn’t give for some good propaganda to that effect.

Anyways, Albion, enjoy wearing your ankle-monitor on the same foot you shot yourselves with.




I hope that Brexit fails and that they remain in the EU. They’re better off that way. A united Europe is better to hold the Russian bear at bay.


At this point, Parliament’s gonna vote ‘no’ on everything. Whether that means averting disaster or embracing it depends entirely on if the question at the second vote is ‘Do we accept a no-deal Brexit?’ or ‘Do we call off Brexit if we can’t get a deal?’

Because they’re not going to pass either version of that.


I agree. What has the EU said about this? Are they willing? At one time they made noises like they weren’t - like it was a done deal and good bye.


Take a gander here:


O shit that’s awesome. Thank you!

I believe a European court has ruled that the U.K. can unilaterally revoke their invocation of article 50 (notice of leaving).

So backsies are an option as long as Britain can swallow their pride.

They need to do it quick, though, because I believe they can only rescind article 50 during the two year notice period.

If they crash out with no deal and then realize it was a mistake, I believe they would have to petition to join under the current rules for new entrants- almost certainly including giving up the pound


O yeah they would have to give up that gigantic advantage they got in keeping the pound and they’d squeal loudly. I hope they hurry then.

Cause I think it’s the dumbest thing a country ever did. We only did the second dumbest thing with Trump.


I think they said the UK could void their resolution to leave, and things would go back to the way they have been.


That would be just great. hahahahaha a two year trip around Robin Hood’s Barn. For nothing. hahahahaha

I will never ever look at the Brits the same way again.

But I really want to see this stupid fucking Brexit fail!

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It has seemed idiotic from the beginning.

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Only cuz it’s been idiotic from the beginning. If it goes through (esp if it goes through w/a no-deal Brexit), Scotland’s likely to push for a new referendum on independence just to get back into the EU.


All you have to do is look at the two idiots Putin put in charge - Johnson and Farage. Good god I cannot believe Britain fell for those two.

And they are pointing at us all the time over Trump. They really do if you run into Brits out in the general world they want to know what WE were thinking. Well come on!

Scotland is the least of it - they are going to lose Northern Ireland. That would be the silver lining to Brexit AFAIC.


About the closest they’ve come to a workable deal puts NI into an economic union w/the rest of Erin, and puts the custom border at the island of Great Britain… which would still be absolute murder on Britain.


It would be.

Just murder - I cannot imagine. Damn thing better fail.