Discussion: UK: 2nd Nerve Agent Poisoning May Be 'Consequence' Of Prior Attack On Ex-Spy

Trumpp will shove Crimea down Russia’s throat.

Nobody, NObody is tougher on Russia.


Wonder how big the Novichok outbreak will be in Washington DC when Mr. Mueller finally reveals the incredible depth and extent of Russian collusion with the Trump Crime Family?


Big concern.

All kinds of plot twists in this. If you are going to try and muddy the motive you target also others not related to your prime target. This can happen all at once or weeks or months following the initial attack. Allowing the government that developed the poison to help you figure out who would be and is stupid.

So you might have figured out that I read a lot of mysteries in my life.


Lol, I had the same thought. It wouldn’t be beyond Russia to try a nonsense operation like that to muddy the waters.

By Occam’s Razor the most likely explanation is what the authorities are provisionally assuming — that this new couple came in contact with some detritus from the previous event. But I’m incredibly cynical about Russia these days!


Fat Nixon is full of sh!t.


Any indication how this new couple was exposed to the toxin?

The initial image is of some prototypical British crime drama types pouring over the crime scene — like you, reading too many books and watching too many BBC.shows.

The reality of whether the Russians were trying to be devious, or were just plain sloppy with their chemistry set, probably doesn’t matter from a political/diplomatic standpoint. Putin just burned himself twice in public, in a way that doesn’t look too clever.

Anybody take bets on whether the topic will even come up when Trump takes instructions from his KGB handler in Helsinki?


As was reported after the initial incident, this shit is horribly persistent. Part of the reason it was never really developed as a weapon is it’s oily, so it can’t be made into a gas. They found traces of it all over the town from where the Skripals first picked it up (on a doorknob, I think) and then spread it around to everything they touched as they went shopping before they collapsed. It’s not surprising that they missed some.


Of course it will. Trump, the young grasshopper, wants to learn from the master and there are a few people in DC that have been amazingly, amazingly disrespectful to him. So Trump will ask Vlad if he can have a few doses to give to these incredibly rude people.

I’m only half joking… :confused:


Between May pointing at Russia, and the preparations for the angry baby blimp to be flown during Slappy’s UK visit - I imagine he is going to whip up anger and hatred from his redhats pointed at the Brits.

Hint to Trump - when folks in the country that is one of our most steadfast allies construct a blimp of you as an angry baby in a diaper - your punchline about the US being a laughing stock is all wrong. It wasn’t one. But the big Blimp signals that YOU and thus we are a global laughing stock, now.


With proposed cuts to CDC and other public health agencies it will be difficult to determine. Only idiots cut funding for public health.


And that’s what’s really tragic.
I can easily envision him doing exactly that.

Most military nerveagents are ‘delivered’ as aerosols (very small droplets), so this comment is not really valid.

Can Novichuk be turned into an aerosol?

Aerosolizing a liquid becomes more and more difficult the more viscous it is. VX is hard to and Novichok is even thicker.