Discussion: TX Mayor Slams Anti-Islam Activist Geller: We Don't Support Her 'Ideology'

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It’ll be interesting to see how many GOP Prez hopefuls fall all over themselves to stage events with Geller to demonstrate solidarity with her anti-Muslim, oops, I mean free speech campaign. Already I see Steve King and Gohmert want to host Geert Wilders, and he makes Geller look like a rank amatuer in the “Let’s antagonize Muslims” field. I predict hating on Muslims and stoking fear of them in the populace will become an integral part of the GOP campaign. If a GOP candidate chooses to rise above the tactic they’ll be tagged a sympathizer and defender of terrorists and left behind.


It doesn’t change that the attack shouldn’t have happened…but I’m really tired of people trying to redefine chutzpah.


Ya think? :wink:


Yeah, probably. Oh, FYI, while I’m going out on limbs, another prediction. A prominent NFL player will beat his wife or girlfriend during the season.


Event invited attack? Duh.

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And for doing your jobs and protecting Pam Geller’s freedoms and very life, she will reward you by calling you Islamofascist appeaser, or Sharia Sheeple, or some other dumbass thing because she’s a horrible person.


Maybe the Mayor should run for POTUS. He seems to have the courage to say what must be said and actually gives a shit about folks.


One thing that has been pestering the back of my mind about these attacks…

Where was the NSA on this? I mean, one of the attackers was under watch by the FBI for years, they were both freely dropping big hints on tweeter about what they were planning to do…but the NSA? Couldn’t say a thing because it would reveal they are spying or let yet another one slip right by them?

Other risky predictions: A plane will crash at a air show. Gohmert will say something stupid.


I don’t see how you can be so cavalier about the Mayor’s remarks. First of all he is in Texas…so it took some serious guts to say what he said. Second, he was as the English say: spot on. He used a great economy in words to say EXACTLY what needed to be said and to cut the legs out from under Geller. I think his remarks were pointed, convincing, honest and courageous and we need a lot more Mayors like Athas.

Edit ( in response to a replay ): The Mayor did not issue the permit. His Ordinance folks did. If Geller’s ‘event’ was not of a prohibited content ( it was an art contest ) they had no choice. As for the rest. Speculation that makes one comfortable with events is a serious problem in America. You can speculate that “the town was in favor of it” because the event took place in Texas and that rhymes with Conservative…so it must be bad. But that’s speculation to make a Liberal comfortable. We do it as well as the GOP’ers. I don’t think it’s deserved in this case. This Mayor let decency and civic commitment drive his remarks and he deserves applause for that. He may be the Born Again GOP’er…doesn’t matter to me. He is right.


“But at the end of the day, we did our jobs,” he added. “We protected her freedoms and her life.”

Wow, that’s what President Obama has done as other fools like Pam have invited disaster.


Is the Mayor available to run for national office? Any one would do.

Although it’s a crowded field we’re all supposed to fear and hate on our way to electing a Republican President. To wit: Environmentalists, LGBT, public school teachers, teacher unions, climate scientists, atheists, community organizers, intellectuals, Hollywood, NPR, the poor, anyone collecting any form of public assistance, the EPA, the Department of Education, the IRS, any tax on anything for any reason unless it’s to buy weapons to kill “Other” people, immigrants, the minimum wage, young black men, rap music, liberals, Democrats, Socialists, OSHA, endangered species, conservationists, “liberal media”, anything inside the Wash DC beltway, 2nd language proficiency advocates, mosques, Social Security, the ACA, motorcycle helmets, seatbelts, sunscreen, mammograms, sex education, Planned Parenthood, any unions, France, Al Gore, vaccines, flouridated water, healthy eating advocates, exercise advocates and a few dozen others. Damn, we all have a lot of fear and hating to do. Better get with it.


“Her actions put my police officers, my citizens and others at risk. Her program invited an incendiary reaction”

Her actions INTENTIONALLY AND KNOWINGLY put my police officers, my citizens and others at risk. Her program invited an incendiary reaction ON PURPOSE…


The intentionality aspect is where I have trouble accepting without reservation the assertion that this is free speech that is immune from limitation. As I’ve said before, “fighting words” and “disturbing the peace” have long histories of precedent in the SCOTUS and speech is subject to reasonable limitation or even punishment when it is deliberately designed to incite violence.


What means FIFY?

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Richard, normally I agree with most of what you say, but I read this the opposite.

“She picked my community, which does not support in any shape, passion or form, her ideology,” the mayor told the Morning News.

My thoughts were: but you gave her a permit to hold the rally, there had to be ads and lots of publicity before the event, everyone in town must have known what the intent of the event was. I mean if ISIS knew (as they claim they did), then the mayor knew, too. But no one had a problem with the event being held before the shooting happened because it was a source of revenue for the town. I’m thinking that if the shooting hadn’t happened the mayor and the whole town would be inviting her back next year for the second annual contest.

Think about it. This is a small town in Texas. I think she picked this town knowing that she would be welcomed. Think of some of the small, redneck towns in your area. How many of them do you think would welcome an event such as this?

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Fixed It For You

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Garland is not a small town. It is a bedroom suburb of Dallas. Not even any open space between Garland and Dallas


She picked Garland because it was the site of an Islamic conference of Texas area Moslems.