Discussion: Two Top State Department Officials Resign

Is that John Bolton I see, waiting in the wings? Has he shaved off his walrus mustache?


In a few months the State Department is going to be housed in the stock room of a 7-11 in Wheeling, WV.


And just think, folks – it’s only going to get worse!


So much for Big Oil wanting Tillerson on the inside…



Cockholster has “all the best people.” Unfortunately, they all leave.

BTW: The Washinton Post has suspended its paywall in the interest of providing Hurricane Harvey coverage.
The Los Angeles Times has likewise suspended its paywall for Harvey-related articles.


As much as I am not a Tillerson fan, if he is on the way out, I fear who Trump might put in next. That Trump interviewed John Bolton several times (despite being put off by his wacky 'stache), I shiver at the thought of a voice of bellicosity at State would amplify international escalations rather than attempt to moderate Trumps insanity.


And for good reason. True to form he’ll appoint the most incompetent people he can find … “very soon, in a couple of weeks.”


Trump: The money I am saving Uncle Sam is going to reach a $$Trillion soon. I am a true Republican Small Govt person.


Axios reported Sunday that Trump is increasingly frustrated with Tillerson.

This is because RUmp, and all feral trumpers, don’t understand what diplomacy is or should do. Rump wants international actors to simply do what America tells them to do. Rump wants it done and he wants Rex to “make it so.”

That’s not he way things work, obviously, but since Rump isn’t getting his way, he’ll just destroy the entire State Dept. and leave it empty. It will take years, no joke, to rebuild State. All the institutional memory that America has built up over the years is now gone. All gone.

It’s a shame that America decided to destroy itself like this. But we allowed a bunch of angry, straight White people who realize that they don’t have the same place in the hierarchy of America that they once did to bring it down. Now we live with the results.


That, or the most treacherous. I here Dick Cheney’s still kicking around. For the merger of incompetent and treacherous - well thank goodness he already appointed Brownback as a (meaningless) ambassador.


I don’t disagree, but there is a bit of Kabuki theater surrounding this right now.

Remember, rumors were floating a couple of months ago that Tillerson was going to resign near the end of the year. The comments about Trump only speaking for himself, the “vacation”, and these resignations all seem to be building up to precisely that situation.

I think Tillerson has made the decision he is out, but for whatever reasons, he needs to convince Trump that he is out, too. So…queue the stories about Trump being fed up with Tillerson (which have already started popping up).


As far as I can see, 45 is actually nefariously doing what the TP’ers want: he’s draining the swamp, right? Getting all those lifers out of there who’ve done nothing but suck at the teat of big Government their entire careers? Who cares if it leaves no one at the helm of the ship? They weren’t accomplishing anything anyway towards Making America Great Again. Shrink the government so that it can be drowned in the bathtub, amirite?

His supporters don’t care. We need to stop thinking that they do or ever will. None of this touches them in their eyes. None of it.

Until their kids, grandchildren and other loved ones, neighbors and friends get sent of to the wars that will inevitably start under this numbskull.


There are more than a few Republicans who can’t stand Bolton, I don’t see that nut job getting confirmed.

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Here Donnie, let me hold that football for you…


Trump: I encourage world leaders to kick out US embassy personnel by following Putin’s lead. We will save even more money. Small and White Govt.

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Agreed. Unfortunately, between Mueller’s investigation of Rump, Rump’s feud with Yertle, total chaos in the GOP - I’m not sure how a new SoS could get confirmation in the Senate. I mean, the regime has blown every ounce of political “goodwill”, so to speak, and now they’re just out in the deep end.

Or, maybe, they could put Sam Clovis in charge of State. He’s very impressive, ya know.


Tillerson: “You can’t fire me!” I did!!"
(It doesn’t count as a repost if I change the name, does it?)



I’d have to consult Alan Smithee on that bit of etiquette.