Discussion: Two Fairfax Accusers Call For VA Legislature To Hold Hearing In New Session

This is something that kind of just fell off the news radar.

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If you’re going to accuse somebody of acts of this nature, you better bring receipts, because these are life-wrecking accusations.

None of us knows the actual facts or motivations behind these accusations. Personally, I prefer due process over kneejerk hyperbole. So perhaps a wait and see posture might be the prudent one here.

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Here are a couple of great examples of women who were violated by a man who thought the sex was consensual because they did not yell rape during the act. I totally believe these women, I cannot see any gain for them to lie.

I also believe Fairfax thinks the sex was consensual. This delusion is so common there should be a name for it - if there is, I am not familiar with it.

I don’t have a feel one way or another for most of these when they come out and the same for this. I will say I believe most men tend to think with the small head and a large portion of us also follow it’s whims. So if I had to put money on any of them I’d put it on guilty every time. I know I wouldn’t win them all but I’d make money, good money, in the long haul.