Discussion: Twitter Explodes Over Baltimore Student Activist's Arrest On Live TV

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Why was he arrested if he was trying to get protestors to leave?


Oh, I can think of a few reasons why he was arrested…none of which have to do with actually breaking any laws.

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the situation is so out of control, even with the world looking, even with a student trying desperately to help get fair treatment by doing all the non violent complying with the rules things, the ocupation and militarilization of the Police is complete. none are safe none not white not black. Most whites agree with this police occupation, they think they are safe from it. try reading some history books.


The world has to make sure he doesn’t just disappear. That is what happens to folks like the Morgan student in 3rd world countries. I don’t want to live in a 3rd world country.

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Because the cops saw he was near.


When then Secretary of State Colin Powell visited Chile to drum up support for the Iraq invasion, he tried to tell the Chileans how horrible Saddam Hussein was. He apparently forgot to read up about how awful Augusto Pinochet was.

Unfortunately, unless the pendulum swings the other direction pretty soon, we’ll be getting to experience what life is like under someone like Pinochet pretty soon.

Only a matter of time before we hear someone on Faux News or some other conservative asshat gallery say something about needing to “break” America’s black communities like you “break” a horse…then go straight to using the verb “domesticate.” Tick tock…

Because black.

“I never thought I’d see this kind of thing in America…but this DOES look familiar.”

  • Wolf Blitzer

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And he was arrested ( and pinned against the vehicle!) because why exactly ?

Maybe the BPD wants more riots?

And this is why so many don’t trust the police. They resort to really stupid tactics under the cover of the Gov…to say that they “had to arrest him” in the name of martial law. When thinking is no longer a valued tool, the police are mindless rats, just following the lead rat.


We no longer have a democracy. In many areas of this country, Americans are already living under a police state. Baltimore reminds me of Sao Paulo under the military dictatorship. government is treating citizens like enemy combatants.

This is the only way police know how to respond today: Hammer to anvil. No nuance, just seek and destroy.


Because it was 40 minutes after curfew.

… and he was telling people it was time to leave.


Well, for one thing he was a guy who was out after curfew had started (40 minutes earlier to be exact)… He wasn’t going to or from work and he didn’t have a medical emergency, the 2 working excuses at the moment. And he was parading up and back in front of the police line. At the time last night when I saw the shot live as it happened I did not know he was an activist trying to get folks to leave. It’s likely the police did not know that either (they aren’t omniscient( and just saw him as a target of opportunity considering he was in arms reach of them. I must say I initially thought he was taunting the police, daring them to do something. Turns out I was wrong but that’s what I thought at the time.

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The real problem on display and full view- police behavior. Where to begin? Couldn’t one policeman have gone up to him calmly and had a conversation? Beyond disturbing! We call ourselves a democracy with this type of police action? Too upsetting!!!


Makes no difference if the police knew it or nott! Their behavior is unacceptable.