Discussion: TurboTax Maker Linked To ‘Grassroots' Campaign Against Free, Simple Tax Filing

Discussion for article #221155

Intuit’s has a big moneymaker called “Audit Defense:” their pricey, add-on insurance against the fear of being audited. It’s like the extended warranty agreements all the retailers want to up-sell, except it’s a bigger rip off. It costs more than the preparation fee and the risk of anyone being audited is lower than ever.

Intuit wants tax reform to be like health reform: a Rube Goldberg contrivance that compromises away the improvement by going way too far out of its way to cut the private tax preparers in on the savings.

Paying taxes on wages and salaries is easy. Paying lower taxes is hard and Turbo Tax doesn’t make itemizing the deductions any easier.

The better solution would be to simply double the standard deduction. It would be a progressive tax cut that also liberates millions of tax payers from itemizing, while taking nobody’s loophole away. The IRS wouldn’t have to do a thing, and it would even make it easier to use Turbo Tax.