Discussion: TSA Weighs Ending Screenings At Smaller Airports

Welcome to our Trumpian wormhole, terrorists


Well by all means, do that. Because those tax cuts for oligarchs aren’t going to pay for themselves.

Where to you find enough people who are this stupid to make this proposal go this far? I mean, yeah, you can find them in TSA now, obviously, but how did they get there?


Didn’t some of the 9/11 terrorists start their itinerary at a small airport in Maine?

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The TSA might end screenings as a public agency but Trump Security Co or a similar private entity will be happy to keep security theather going…for a reasonable fee, of course.

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Privatization scheme?

Everyone is going to have plastic guns loaded with ceramic bullets in a few years anyway, this won’t matter. Until those hand wands have the ability to detect either component terrorists will be a risk, at all airports.

     “to better allocate limited taxpayer resources”

Now … I wonder why that is … hmmm —

Sarah Sanders

Here’s another example of the press releasing information to terrorists that puts us all at risk. The President is a strong believer in a free press, but, as he was the first to say, with great power comes great responsibility.