Discussion: Trump's 'Theme Week' Tries To Distract From Russia Probe, Health Bill Failure

Upcoming WH weekly themes:

7/23/17: Bring Your Kids to Treason Week

7/30/17: Snake Oil Week

8/06/17: Real Estate Fraud Week

8/13/17: Russian Pride Week


I can only imagine the kicking and screaming as he’s dragged back to talk about the bill

Hard to make Trump more unappealing than he already is, but the cowboy hat accomplishes just that. Ewww…


“Theme Week” = “Shiny Object Week”


When the first story came out about Theme Week and I commented that it was rather lame like Homecoming Week in high school when there would be a dress up theme each day (like dressing up as a cowboy etc.),I didn’t know he was actually going to do that.

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“we can walk and chew gum."

Hahahaha. I doubt it - donnie can’t even find his limo when he gets off the plane. Two things at once would be way too much for him. He really can handle only one thing well: being an asshole.

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As we said about George Bush, “all hat, no cattle.”

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