Discussion: Trump's Moderate Tone On Abortion, Once An Advantage, Now A Liability

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Here’s a little advice for the “I’m not really a pro-lifer” klan!
If you can’t have a abortion yourself, sit down and shut the phuck up! That goes for all the so-called men and the grossly and fat-arse ugly women who screech like banshee’s outside abortion clinics, as 99% you couldn’t laid on a men’s death row!

Adopt and end abortion!

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I hope he tells them to sit down and STFU.

Then they’ll really love him.


And yet, on the same front page, we find that Republican sheep think Trump is the best to handle abortion.


I am pro-wealth.

Let’s outlaw corporate bankruptcy.

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I’m willing to believe Trump changed his mind on abortion because he knew a guy whose wife was ambivalent about having a child but had it anyway and now the guy is glad. That’s the problem. Same with Planned Parenthood, which, in his view, does bad things but they probably do some good things too so whatever. His entire worldview is built up of vague impressions, things he saw or heard about, things he believed he saw or heard about, the last thing someone told him and so on. He seems averse to actually knowing and learning things. You couldn’t get a good grade on a two-page paper in middle school with an attitude like that, but he wants to be President and lots of people think he ought to be.



Not quite off-topic, but a little bit:

I don’t know if this has come up yet, but Trump cannot ultimately be serious about becoming President. Isn’t it true that, should we all be so unfortunate as to see him take the Oath of Office (which I imagine he would ignore as soon as he dropped his hand with his fingers crossed behind his back), that he would have to divest himself of all financial investments and put them at the very least in trust until his term of office expires?

Wouldn’t that then mean he would have to operate on the measly $ 200K that comes as a salary?

I’m sorry. I can’t see that taking place. Just can’t.

Tthe President gets $400k. Plus he gets a house that’s even bigger than Trump’s place in Trump Tower and an airplane even bigger and classier than Trump’s. Also, the President doesn’t have to divest investments, simply put them in a blind trust and he can continue to receive the income.

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Trump doesn’t care about abortion. No way you could possibly convince me of that. As for religion, did anyone see the press conference in Iowa a few days ago, where someone held up “The Art of the Deal” and Trump said, “That’s my second favorite book”? You know what #1 is? The Bible." Sure, Donald. Never in the history of acting have I seen a less convincing performance.


But the job does have some excellent fringe benefits.

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I’m sure that his pals in the GOP who run the houses of prostitution, er, Congress will give him a nice raise to a couple million dollars and they’ll exempt it from taxes as well!

You also hear the audience cheer…

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Trump responds when asked for specifics concerning abortion vis a vis Roe v Wade: “Uhhh…The beauty of me is that I’m very rich and will hire the best people to inform me. What we’re going to abort is everything that doesn’t make America Great Again…and classy! That’s what we need to talk about. We’re going to abort illegals in this country. We’re going to abort political insiders…We’re going to abort idiots…~word salad…word salad…word salad…”

(His 24%er GOP Bagger & Con TrumPets’ cheer wildly!)

Republican leadership staggers away with face in hands.

rotfl — And The Trump Clown Show rolls along!
More popcorn!


Trump negotiation tactic: “Tell the Mark whatever they want to hear, then knife them in the back after the deal is done.”

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Trump is an opportunist??? I am shocked, SHOCKED!!

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I don’t think the true anti abortion crowd, i.e. the god fearers vs the I don’t want to pay for some ignorant slut’s abortion folks, make up enough of the republican party/primary voters to make this a losing issue for Trump.

Donald Trump's Big Evolution On Abortion Not Big Enough For Abortion Foes

Not to worry – The size of his mouth will make up for it —

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Rich guys like Trump have never really cared about social issues. The rich will always get abortions. They will ether leave the country or have their doctors write them up as D & Cs. So called pro-life folks are naĂŻve and blind to reality.


The Trump will change his face paint if the Crazies need a more friendly, electable Clown. There’s always room for more crazy with the Donald…

Abortion is a medical procedure that is occasionally medically necessary and is necessary more often than most people realize. While adoption is laudable, it’s not going to “end abortion”.

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