Discussion: Trump's Inauguration Ushered In Steady Erosion Of Immigrant Protections

Cruelty is a hallmark of the Trump regime. Another key characteristic is using hostage tactics to negotiate. Trump today revealed it. They will stop kidnapping babies and children if Democrats capitulate on their awful immigration plan, which includes forcing US taxpayers to fund Trump’s idiotic wall on the Mexican border.

To label as vile the Trump regime and its deplorable followers understates their awfulness.

Democrats cannot give in to this blackmail.


Just like Republicans would not give in to this black male:


Monsters. It’s what they are, every member of this administration who abets or tolerates or doesn’t resign in protest of these monstrous policies. And it’s what we need to call them – since branding is apparently such an effective political tool these days, let’s do some eminently accurate branding of our own. They’re monsters.