Discussion: Trump's Campaign: We Don't Care About Some Of The GOP Debate Demands (VIDEO)

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“fair and equitable questions.”

And the arbiter of employing those adjectives would be…?


Oh wow. Did Trump ever play his fellow candidates, and they almost all fell for it.


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign manager said Tuesday on Fox that it was just fine if the television networks continued to choose which candidates are allowed into the debates.

Univision’s responce: ¡Gracias!

None. Only over a variety of debates with a variety of moderators would something approaching “fair and equitable” be established. Sadly, I think the GOP realizes this.

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“If they want to ask the tough questions, I think Mr. Trump has a clear history of answering the hardest questions from each of the last three debates. We feel very comfortable with his debating skills.”

Translation between those two sentences. We saw people other than us getting some coverage,and we can’t tolerate that. So we decided to throw a tantrum too. What is this tantrum about again? Not that it matters, we are down with just whining for the sake of it. Makes Trump look manly.

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Meaning the Networks were too busy laughing at him to answer with a sentence.

Let’s go and ask the tough questions.

“As long as I can answer them. If I can’t, THEN they’re gotcha questions and should not be allowed.”

This is pretty rich coming from the guy who complained bitterly about being asked, during the first debate, about his disparaging remarks towards women, and launched a Twitter war against the woman who asked. Oh, but that was like a month and a half ago or something, so for the Grand OId Amnesia Party all that stuff is safely down the memory hole now. Heck, they don’t even remember that at the most recent debate he complained that a question asked of him was “not asked very nicely.”

You’re obviously a loser. He never said what he said, and if he said it it was the truth. Do you know how much he’s worth?

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