Discussion: Trump's Attacks On His Most Loyal Lieutenant Are Testing Other Core Allies


Interesting potential parallel…

It’s not just the Lieutenants you have to worry about, Donnie, it’s YOUR Generals…


So the “core allies” are finally realizing that Trump’s only true ally is himself?

What took them so long?


Wake up people, loyalty is a one way street for this president.


I think Allegra is hitting upon a very important nail with this article. I am pretty sure that his treatment of Sessions cost the GOP at least Graham’s vote last night (he freaking voted against his BFF McCain!!),and probably a few more.

Sessions, black hearted little bastard that he is, has friends in the Senate. And strange as it is organizationally, he is one of the only people in the Trump administration that has relationships with Congress. It doesn’t stop with Sessions, either. Driving Priebus us basically cuts all ties.

The Sessions issue however, creates a very troubling subplot that Trump really doesn’t want to mess with. Its the Good Ol’ Southern Boy vs. those New York Elites plot. Let that sink in and take hold, and his whole “coalition” blows up on him.

And as we have all been saying…once Trump’s core starts peeling off, his is a dead man walking in the WH.


Those loyalty oaths don’t buy much do they?


“I hate to see him being treated this way,” conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh despaired, while far-right, anti-immigrant pundit

Not even kidding, I read this as “despaired white fat-right, anti-immigration…”

I thought TPM had finally gotten it right!


What does Trump’s loyal base have to say?

Thats all great and dandy and on the record but when it really comes down will these same folks let trump chuck sessions under the bus or revolt against him for doing so…probably not b/c its party before anything else with this bunch…criminal or not…


I think it’s “Yankees”. Or “those damn Yanks”?

But yes, this is a very interesting dynamic. Sessions is the true Confederate racist, he’s the real deal. And those who think like Sessions were all into trump because trump talked the talk. And perhaps they were a little wary, but they sure as heck weren’t gonna vote for Hillary.

There are probably more than a few right wingers belatedly realizing that trump doesn’t care about them one iota, he only cares about himself. He’ll tell them what they want to hear, but he’s no true believer – that is, he’s a true believer in trump, but nobody and nothing else. Nothing.


It does put those confederate racist in a pickle. Who do they stick with? The Yankee carpetbagger or the true blue racist? If they wake up and choose the elf Trump is finished.


Sessions may have his defenders on the Hill, and in conservative pundit circles, but the Trumpcult base is all with Trump, if he attacks a conservative icon like Sessions, then the fault is with the target, if he lauds a former critic and one-time Democratic contributor like Scaramucci, the guy is a-okay.


More popcorn please.

I was amazed that his tweet denigrating McCain’s war record didn’t kill him, one week into the primary. Just flabbergasted. He can demonize life long Repubs like Comey and Mueller with a few strokes of the thumb. There is a dark magic here. I’m still taking it in…



“A lot of people wanted Jeff gone,” Trump will declare. “But I said no. I don’t abandon friends. In fact, I made Jeff even more popular.”

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And on Wednesday morning, Trump fired off two new tweets disparaging his Attorney General—while Sessions was reportedly inside the White House.

The Tweet is coming from inside the house!


OT: Senate Dems to block recess appointments with pro forma sessions


No. In fact if, as President of the United States, you have to ask for an explicit pledge of loyalty from your staff and appointees, you’re obviously not getting real loyalty, which requires no oath, and which no oath can secure. Real loyalty can never be successfully coerced, can only be given freely, and in most cases must be earned. This is something Trump has never learned, and probably never will.


So the fascists are alarmed that their fascist strongman is turning against one his top fascist henchmen for not being corrupt enough to protect his corruption, even as the fascist henchman pushes increasingly fascist laws and enforcement.

What a country.


Hey, they’re RepublaThugs. They’re stupid and ignorant. Does that answer your question?