Discussion: Trump Widens The Lead In New Hampshire In Latest Poll

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New Hampshire always thought of itself as part of Germany in the 1930’s and still operates that way today. I think there are 3 Mosques and 7 Jewish houses of worship in the state of about 1 million+ people, so Jews and Muslims are a real threat to the majority Protestant Christians in a state of 9300 mountainous square miles, 300 square miles of which are lake water and rivers.

This poll mentioned above was conducted BEFORE Trump wanted to ship those 230 refugees and 300 Muslim immigrants living in NH back to their homelands.


If he takes Iowa and New Hampshire Reince Priebus will fall on his sword–or get one in the back.


If Trump takes NH, Iowa and SC, the Republican Party will self destruct within ten seconds after that.

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If only we would be so lucky. Hate always will find a home.

When is tRump going to start selling his “Make America Hate Again” hats?

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Well, the GOP and FOX are still spewing out an unending stream of mistrust for politicians and media as a whole, with a good dose of ‘Good ole’ fashioned Southern Culture’ against anyone with skin darker than pink. Now they have a candidate, like it or not, who builds on what they promote without reservation and he’s eating their lunch on the way. No real surprise there.

In September, former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina fell second after Trump with 16 percent of support. Fiorina has 5 percent of support in the latest poll. Since the September survey, Trump increased by six points and Rubio increased five points.

HaHa!! Maybe Mr. Trump will ask the failed tech ex-CEO to be his wing-woman. They would deserve each other.

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And why are Vermont and New Hampshire such polar opposites?
Looking at a map one would imagine them to be quite similar.
(serious question)

And the rise of Ill Douche’ … continues!

…and Rinse Prius’ just wet himself!

Hey Reince…Here’s Donny!

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I think whoever gets the Republican nomination is likely to pick Fiorina as VEEP. She’s an outsider, comes from business and, most of all, is female. The Republicans will all believe she’s the answer to the fact that Hillary is female.


So Snarly Fiorina went from having 16% support to 5% in just a couple of months. OK, I know this may be crazy talk, but do you think the crowd dumped her for lying about the “aborted wiggling fetus” she claimed to have seen? Nah, that’s crazy talk. But if she ends up on the ticket, I think she will be formidable in the VP debates. Seriously, it makes me wince and cringe just to imagine it. I know I wouldn’t be able to watch. What a bulldog.

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That is great! That would be great on a T-shirt, too. No, that’s a winner.

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Oh, I thought his slogan was, “Make America White Again”.

The only reason she got a boost in the polls is because the media was desperate to find an anti-Trump. They fiddled with the debate rules and got her to the main stage. She failed to deliver. They forgot about her immediately and she went back from whence she came.

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I tend to agree with you – not because she’s full of facts and all, but because she’ll likely get away with telling the huge whoppers she’s known for spewing. It used to anger me so, but now I just let out a little whimper and take notes when I catch the journalist media never or partially doing their jobs. They are, in very large part, the reason we are where we are – a once quite proud but now a very sad excuse of a democratic republic. Corporate media have just as much blood on their hands and dripping from their mouths as most of the candidates and corporate Wall Street.