Discussion: Trump Welcomes Sanders Into The Race By Resurrecting Uninspired Nickname

Toddler Trump called Bernie a funny name.

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Who will have the better nickname?

Crazy Bernie


Treason Weasel Trump


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I am sure it was all cheers over at the WH and RNC when he gave his announcement.

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In the 1960s, “Crazy Bernie” sold TVs at prices so low “I must be crazy.” Trump is just phoning it in now. No real effort at the name calling. Very low energy.


This might be one of the most norm-breaking things this cretin has embarked on. In recent years, it seems that all Presidents have refrained from commenting on, much less insulting, the candidates of the other party as it works through its nominating process. Trump is apparently right now formulating a plan, with the encouragement of some of his stooges, to engage in an insult campaign throughout the process - thinking up nicknames for the candidates and trying them out in private - how pathetic! How in the f*#***#*ing world does anyone think this guy is a leader???


Gee, what a zinger. Trump must write the witty remarks for Sean Hannity’s show. The ones he provided about Seth Rich were a scream.

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As all here know, I am not a fan of Sanders, although I respect him and his career and many of his views but despise his delusional superfans. But the idea of Trump calling Bernie “crazy” is comparable to Lindsey Graham calling Ru Paul a “tired old queen”.


Bernie wrote a freelance piece decades ago opining on masturbation and rape fantasies that could be trotted out as oppo and would probably reverberate for a while as being pretty odd. Clinton et al. declined to do so but Trump was salivating at the prospect. And of course the socialism, all that fun stuff. Sanders is obviously not crazy, and the idea of Trump suggesting that any other human on earth is further from normal human views than him is preposterous, but it’s not entirely out of the blue that he’s saying this.


I agree that that rape fantasy remarks are going to really, really bite him in the ass. And he wasn’t some 15-year-old HS student who said it in a drunken email; he was 30 when he said it, and in 2016 his handlers tried to pass it off as “dark satire”. Um, no.
The socialism crap I don’t think is going to cut it, since the programs and policies that the GOP labels “Socialism!” are immensely popular with and supported by the majority of the electorate, and are by and large already supported by the rest of the (real) Democratic candidates. And that doesn’t even include the current crop of existing “Socialist!” programs - you know, the unpopular ones like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid…
Name-calling isn’t going to damage Bernie, but stories like the “rape fantasy” comments are going to. Todd Akin and Rick Santorum didn’t fare well after their comments about rape, and there is no reason to believe that Sanders will fare any better, and the excuse of being “young and naïve” ain’t gonna cut it.
But this info isn’t only going to be used by a salivating Trump; there are a lot of pissed-off people out there who blame Bernie - rightly or wrongly - for being helpful in Clinton’s loss and the election of Trump, and I am fairly sure you are going to see this come up quite often during the campaign. I have seen the story posted quite a few time here on TPM already.
I just don’t think anyone is afraid of Bernie anymore. They aren’t afraid to go after him.


Honestly I think Bernie’s first hire if he’s serious (he is always serious) should be that bird that flew onto his podium in Portland. He smiled so warmly at it, you suddenly liked the guy even if you didn’t mostly. It should appear with him everywhere he goes. That’s his real problem: He’s a moralizing scold. He’s no fun. I invariably find people like him tiresome in the extreme, and not as big-hearted as they’d like you to think. I think I’ll say what I said in the beginning—he helped push the Democrats to the left, and that was a good thing. We’re a rich country, and we can afford to feed and educate and preserve the health of everyone. The rich have to do their fair share, sorry, that’s what every other advanced country does. You’ll still be rich, but you have to ante up like everyone else. It’s enlightened self-interest, a thing the blue rich see. So I’m willing to let Bernie have his fun but I’m not willing for him to fuck everything up and get Trump reelected.

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If I was a candidate, I’d want to stake my claim to “McDonald.” I know it’s tacky and low, but I’d still go for it. Also, “Fat Donald,” and “Penis Face.”

Don the Con is so, so . . . . .infantile.

T-Rex says …

mexico pay for the wall yet?

You’re confusing him with “Crazy Eddie’s”? This was an institution (or at least it’s advertising was) in metro NYC, at least until the considerable weight of Eddie Antar’s mis-management caught up with them; they went bankrupt, and the Antars (after fleeing to Israel, from which they were extradited) went to prison. One of the brothers turned, and now acts as a fraud advisor to the Justice Department.

C’mon, every nickname - actually, let’s be real: bullying insult - trump comes up with is uninspired and generic.