Discussion: Trump Voter Fraud Commission Poised To Double Down On Debunked NH Claims


KKKobach and his propaganda machine…always ready to grind out confusion and lies.


Said the guy not actually residing in New Hampshire, proving Republicans don’t really believe in states rights.


Today’s lesson in false equivalency:

“No, I’m not going to step down, and it’s hypocritical to ask me to step down as a member of a federal commission,” Gardner told WMUR. “Have they ever stepped down from a Senate committee or a committee that they serve on because they disagreed with someone on the committee?”

What a putz.

And this is pretty rich:

King, in a statement posted on the White House commission website ahead of Tuesday’s meeting, said the commission “should be expanding the rights of our citizens to vote, instead of arguably look for ways to keep people from voting.”

“[E]xpanding the rights of our citizens to vote” has always been Kobach’s raison d’être. Just look at his track record. It’s his singular purpose in life; he’s “on a mission from God.”


Classic case of a solution (Democratic voter suppression, which R’s need to win elections) desperately and misleadingly in search of a problem to justify it (voter fraud/illegal voting, which doesn’t exist). Fraud and illegality is easy to find here, though - just look at the Republicans on this so-called ‘election integrity’ commission and in State Houses around the country. Oh yeah, and in Session’s so-called ‘Justice’ Department.


the state’s U.S. congressional delegation, all Democrats, were calling for Gardner to resign from the voter fraud commission.

Hell, let him stay on the commission. What they should be demanding is that he resign as state Attorney GeneralSecretary of State. If he wants to be a member of the commission for his own personal reasons, that’s fine, but his membership is demeaning the state of New Hampshire as long as he is an official representative of the state. He should be allowed one or the other, but not both.

Besides, New Hampshire was demeaned enough by Animal House.

Edited for accuracy with a h/t to @demyankee.


Kobach et al will soon eat a double dose of CROW.


With over 5000 potential frauds out there, it should be fairly easy for them to find one. My guess is they will not have a single individual to point to - ever.


We typically believe that propaganda will only work well in the absence of a free press to debunk the claims of propaganda - partly because it matches our historical knowledge. The propaganda campaigns of the Nazis, totalitarian states like China, the Soviet Union, and North Korea, all had/have either a state press with no competition or a severely constrained “independent” press.

I think one of the more startling revelations of the past two decades, with the rise of Fox News and other conservative/right-wing propaganda mills, is that such propaganda continues to function well even in the presence of a more than nominally free press debunking its claims.

It’s sad, perplexing, and worrying.


Nope. That’s not how they operate. They will continue to insist that voter fraud is real, and widespread, no matter what happens. The fact that they haven’t been able to produce any fraudulent voters hasn’t deterred them. Why should that change?

The best they can come up with is the occasional confused person (“I thought I was eligible”) who didn’t have any fraudulent intent, examples of the fact that voter registration roles aren’t kept up-to-date (people who’ve moved away, for example, but don’t actually return to cast a ballot), the occasional person who votes absentee and then has the poor manners to die before election day, or the occasional loud-mouthed RWNJ who actually does vote in two places.

In that last case, of course, no one is ever prosecuted because Republican.


You mean the Trump-Voter Fraud Commission. Punctuation matters.


They wanna come up with the voter fraud equivalent of the “welfare queen” and try to beat it to death.

The only problem they are having right now is that the only proven voting fraud has been committed by Goopers… They’re still hoping to run across a crooked Dem – preferably brown or black, and for the big win, undocumented.


College students. Ampther group in the pasty old white men crosshairs because of their edumacation. 'Merica.


NH : Don’t ever take your vote for granite.


Ya know, I’d bet that the final report is already written. Why bother with facts, after all?




Actually Gardner is the Secretary of State, mostly tasked with managing elections. But, yeah, he probably should step down, however numbnuts Sunnunu will probably tell him to ignore those other pesky Dems.


You’re right of course. I meant to say that but got lost in the moment. Apologies for the confusion.

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In 2011, Maine Sec of State Charlie Summers tried this. He investigated 206 “out of state” college students and found all had voted legally. None had voted twice in the same election, although some had voted in a primary in one state and then voted in the general election in Maine. “Technically, it’s not a violation of the law. I’m not sure exactly how patriotic it is.” He did find one alien who had voted and he has since been deported.

I can’t remember how much this investigation cost in $$$, but it certainly cost the GOP in credibility.


Conspiracy theorists are the best conspirators.

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