Discussion: Trump Unloads At Freewheeling Alabama Campaign Rally For ‘Big Luther’ Strange


Nothing screams “patriotism” like hiring Russians to steal a presidential election for you.


The headline really missed an opportunity - Trump Unloads at Strange Rally


At the end… after an hour folks started tricking out of the rally. Even starting to happen in Alabama (sounded like it was more than a trickle in Phoenix.) Donnie, this is where your traction should be the greatest, if in 8 months your starting to slip here? Dude, you are slipping down and sliding everywhere.

And wasn’t this a strange statement?

“He doesn’t know Mitch McConnell at all. Luther is a tough cookie,” Trump said. “He doesn’t kowtow to anybody.”

He serves in the Senate, and doesn’t know Mitch? Oh ya, sort of like how you don’t know Putin? Some sort of Trumpian style euphemism.


He referred to players kneeling for the national anthem sob but people marching for hate very fine people


According to, of all things, “Glamour” magazine, when Trump was in Florida the other day to meet with hurricane Irma first responders, he had forgotten that Melania was standing right next to him. He told the crowd that “Melania wanted to be here”. The signs are there, like when my departed minpin, Gilly, when she was 16 y.o. gave first signs of canine cognitive disorder by going into corners and not knowing how to get out of them.

“The president who mistook his wife for a red baseball cap.”

He’s really not all there, i.e. a dotard.


Luther Strange must be totally pleased today. Trump comes down to campaign rally (Luther Strange rally, by the way); gives lukewarm endorsement and questions whether he should have done that since Strange could lose (but at least applies a nickname, Big Luther); says if Strange loses, he’ll campaign for Moore; and then talks about himself for over an hour, his grievances, his greatest hits. What an ass.


Oh, the rally was yesterday. Let’s not dwell on the past. Today we’re on to new things:

Going to the White House is considered a great honor for a championship team.Stephen Curry is hesitating,therefore invitation is withdrawn!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 23, 2017

Going after black NFL players might be shrewd white grievance politics, but the NBA is a different entity and Steph Curry is a hero to everyone. Trump just made it okay (even normative) to skip the trip to the White House.


The man is a menace. He goes to ‘campaign’ and makes it ONE MORE TIME all about him. He speaks about loyalty but gives none. He whines about everyone and sows hate and divisiveness everywhere. This ‘performance’ was absolutely over the top.


“I don’t know who this guy is,” one Afghanistan war veteran told the Post of Strange. “I’m here for Trump.” There is something about this comment that cuts to the very essence of “Dotard’s” following. I call it projectile stupidity. You may call it something else. But attending a candidate’s rally and not knowing who the candidate is reeks of some serious stupid. Dotard perhaps.


I am the world’s biggest sports dunce but I just read up on him and he seems like a fantastic guy. All I can say is if Trump wants to walk like a racist and talk like a racist that’s up to him, but the rest of the world damn well notices.


[quote=“sanni, post:4, topic:62690”]
And wasn’t this a strange statement?

“He doesn’t know Mitch McConnell at all. Luther is a tough cookie,” Trump said. “He doesn’t kowtow to anybody.”
[/quote]Trump seems to think that if you want to prove you’re not under the control of someone or you’re not influenced by him, then you have to say “I don’t know him.” Like Putin - after bragging they had a great relationship and Putin likes him and complimented him as brilliant - “Nope, I don’t know Putin. I don’t even know who Putin is.” “Paul Manafort - don’t know him. He was only with the campaign a very short period of time.” “Felix Sater? Wouldn’t know him if he walked in the room.” etc.


They are going to ‘see’ a show. They know he’s a ‘reality show president’ and since they have been conditioned to hate for YEARS they clap and yell and show it.


Steph knows the difference between a POTUS and a DOTUS.

EDIT: They all do. Good for the Warriors. And if you’d like to know a little more about them, and what got them to this moment, take a moment to look up Steve Kerr, their head coach. In a sane world, the President of the United States would want him as a role model.


Strange had to don the stupid ball cap and pretend to hate McConnell. You know Trump got a kick out of that.


And, don’t you dare call him a White Supremacist, because, you know, that would show disrespect.

Differences of opinion are one thing… but at this point I’m thinking showing support for the Lying Orange Shit-Stain is simply treason.


Stay Klassy, Yam!


That sounds true to me. And for someone who purports that he likes to keep others guessing, he is incredibly predictable regarding basic patterns of behavior (the trick seems to be detecting and identifying the patterns such as you have done here.)

Notice the domination routine dig at McConnell. It isn’t enough to tout Strange’s independence, Trump has to get the dig in. Regardless of how much he needs McConnell at this very moment if there is any chance for the (pathetically grotesque) Repeal/replace bill, given the opportunity to assert dominance, Trump does it. Every time.


And yet again suggesting black people should lose their job but he’s not racist though