Discussion: Trump Unleashes Inferno Of Tweets As Clock Counts Down To Mueller Report

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Not the actions of an innocent man.


On the off chance any Trump aides are following TPM, I herewith, again, give y’all a hand with your research on how all this began:


Interesting. He always seems to inadvertently reveal something in his unhinged tweets. Usually they’re projections, tells, really, to use the parlance of grifters. When he wrote “dirty cops”, I suspect that he was actually referring to pro-Trump NYPD cops who, along with pro-Trump FBI agents, sat on the Clinton emails they found on Weiner’s laptop (that they surely knew were not actually damning) until the right moment, when they thought it would do maximal political damage to Clinton and Dems, which of course it did.

As for the rest, well, yeah. Crazy old white racist dude on aisle sigh. Bring mop, broom and subpoenas. I still can’t tell how Dems intend to play this, and whether they’re slowly ramping up investigations, subpoenas and court actions so as to not seem to be on a partisan witch hunt, but are dead serious about going after Trump and his peeps, or actually and intentionally holding back and not intending to meaningfully go after them.

What do y’all think, are Dems holding back or ramping up?


“Inferno” of tweets? This is an inferno:


Some are slow-walking (Pelosi, Nadler, Neal), and others are ramping up (Cummings).

Nadler still has not subpoenaed the full unredacted report.


Btw, Barr is obviously engaging in classic courtroom theatrics, “dumb country lawyer” (i.e. upper west side of Manhattan, elite private school and white shoe law firm) version, with his attempt to throw shade and cast doubt on the investigation by referring to “spying”, which is not a legal term and which in any case didn’t occur here. He knows it’s bullshit, and that doing this is unethical and irresponsible.

But he’s a lifelong fixer and hack, and is paid big bucks to get shitbags like his current boss out of trouble. I bet he keeps a bottle of lye in his briefcase. Harvey Keitel would be perfect to play him in the movie version.

He’s just banking on his older white harmless and somewhat befuddled avuncular persona making people not realize what he’s clearly doing. He’s like the nice older widower next door whose wife disappeared years ago under a cloud of suspicion who lives off the insurance and seems to spend an awful lot of time “gardening”, and scaring off neighborhood dogs who keep eagerly digging at the azaleas.


In his letter, Barr said the special counsel did not find a criminal conspiracy between Russia and Trump associates

But the actual quote from the Mueller report only said that it did not establish a conspiracy between the Russian government and members of he Trump campaign in election interference activities. A much narrower denial.


But do you think they’re dragging this out so as to appear to be doing something but without any intention of actually going all the way and doing this right, out of fear that it’ll backfire politically and/or because they just don’t care enough, or because it’s just their approach but they’re dead serious about nailing his ass?

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Was the tweets before or after breakfast?

just wondering


I think it is because Trump is a huge fund-raising tool for Nancy Pelosi. She has never won a House Majority with a Democratic President in office. The DCCC constantly uses opposing Trump as their primary headline fundraising message.

Follow the money.

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I was reading someone’s Twitter feed last week, darned if I can remember whose, but it was a long thread about “NO COLLUSION”. This person went on to list 50 or so instances of things connecting Trump to Russians. One that stood out, was that during one of Trump’s money laundering trials(?) in the 00’s a Russian mob dude that lived in Trump Tower was actually shot dead on 6th Ave, around the block from Trump Tower. So, he may have actually gotten away with a shooting in Midtown Manhattan.


I’ve never been a big fan of hers. She’s great at fundraising and holding her caucus together, but to what end? She never really seems to want to actually DO anything with her majority, take risks, or fight the big fights.

Plus she’s a HORRIBLE public face, with her deer in the headlights look and inability to get through a single sentence without mumbling or stuttering or seeming like she’s got better things to do. She seems to be angrier at people who want her to fight more than at the people she should be fighting.

I view her as either a coward, inept, or someone who ultimately just doesn’t care. But then that’s true of most Dems of the past 30-40 years, who came up after '68 up through Bush II. They’re just looking to survive and live to pretend to fight another day. There are fighters there, sure, but she’s good at keeping them down.

We need a new leader/speaker. Cummings, Lewis or Lee seem up to the task. There are others, some ready, others dress rehearsing for it. She’s no wartime consigliere.

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Ever heard the term “Sundowning”?

That explains it all.


Yes. I’m not really liking the headline for this article.



There you go again, trying to confuse them with the facts.

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Ken Dilanian blocked me on Twitter the day the Barr letter came out for saying that maybe he ought to wait for the full report before declaring it total exonoration and a major setback for Democrats.

Took him three weeks to put all that down the memory hole and pretend like it never happened. And, of course, everyone he blocked for calling him out on his credulousness is still blocked.


Hey media. How about only reporting on his tweets in one story at the end of every week. Don’t keep giving them front page attention. If an idiot mouths off in the ether and nobody reports it, will he still make a sound?


Or if they’re going to cover the tweets at least report, with supporting evidence, how delusional they are.