Discussion: Trump Touts Plans To Ban Muslims, Build Border Wall In First TV Ad

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Trump knows neither the Bible nor the constitution. Why would evangelicals support this?


Disgusting ad. Republicans you built that.


Appreciate Caitlin getting this one right. In the ad, Mr. Trump doesn’t refer to Muslim immigrants to the U.S., he says a ban on all Muslims entering the U.S. “A temporary shut-down of Muslims entering the United States.” Which is what Caitlin says: “ban Muslims from traveling to the United States.” Here in the Detroit suburbs, that surely means my Muslim, U.S. citizen neighbors wouldn’t be allowed to travel 30 miles to visit family in Windsor, then return home.


ISIS: We fully support this ad blitz. Good to see a potential US president is making our recruitment video and is paying for it to be shown around the world.


A 12 year old could have made this ad. Empty promises with no specifics. Pathetic.


Because evangelicals don’t know the bible or the constitution either.


Folks, it’s gonna be a long year.


Watch the ad on Trump’s campaign website.

No thanks, I’d rather be hog tied and beaten with a pillow case full of doorknobs.


And that’s precisely who did make this ad. Trump is best thought of as an angry 12-year-old with access to Daddy’s money.


Either of those will work to stop radical Islam how exactly? Cutting yourself off from the world does not mean the problem goes away. It is like the myth of the osterich stick it’s head in the sand. And the wall aspect with Mexico is just to make conservatives happy as it would still leave the Northern border and so on.

Seems like a war against ideology should be more delicate. Trump is a guy that uses a sludgehammer. Nothing more.

We all continue to be amazed, and yet it seemingly continues to work. It will be interesting to see how much mileage Trump can get from these simple, unfulfillable promises.

Yes, it will seem like decades.


Put your own damn money where your mouth is Chump.
Build it? And they’ll still come.


Trump’s not 12, he’s 4. All id.

So, kinda his “Greatest Hits” package, then? Confirms that this is not about winning–it’s about the millions in free-advertising and about maximizing his brand.

From a TV production background I thought the ad could of been a lot harder hitting with the music and narrator choice considering how over the top Trump is.

I always enjoy a good dose of historical perspective and feel better about Trump after reading this article on Fire Eaters

Especially the part where all they stood for was destroyed soon after being realized.

Unfortunately, tRump will get plenty of free airtime on cable ‘news’ programs, probably saving him an additional million dollars of paid airtime, which he would’ve had to pay in order to show it.