Discussion: Trump To Father Of Fallen Soldier: I've Sacrificed A Lot By Employing People! (VIDEO)

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Sacrifice means giving something or someone up to a greater cause or purpose. This man has given NOTHING, NO ONE as Mr. Khan said. Hiring people is not sacrifice, you dumbass orange popsicle. Somebody get this man a dictionary or better yet, kick him in the fucking head. He is one callous prick!


Could you, Donald Trump, be any more despicable?

Mrs. Khan was too overcome with grief to speak and was trying very hard to maintain her composure. It was not necessary for her to speak… she was there to lend moral support to her husband. I read in another article that Mr. Khan did not even have written notes but just spoke from his heart. His words were eloquent and described his chosen homeland by pointing out what is good about America, even in his time of terrible grief from the loss of his brave and honorable son, Captain Khan.

A heart… something you would know nothing about. You truly are without a soul. I’m sure your name was “Lucifer” in a past life.


I went shopping! Oh the humanity…


“Who wrote that? Did Hillary’s script writers write it?” Trump said
to ABC. “I think I’ve made a lot of sacrifices. I work very, very hard.”

“I’ve created thousands and thousands of jobs, tens of thousands of
jobs, built great structures,” he added. "I’ve had tremendous success. I
think I’ve done a lot.”

Working hard and creating jobs isn’t nearly like losing a son, Donald. Say Donnie Trump Junior got run over by a tractor down in Philadelphia, Mississippi… at the Fair he just attended. Say he got run over and died. Does that compare in any way to your “working hard”?
Trump, my son and the Khan’s son would be nearly identical in age had their boy survived. Had you said what you did and my place was exchanged for the Khan’s I hesitate to say what I would do.
Trump, your sure showed how shallow and how lacking in empathy you are. Just another symptom of your NPD you refuse to treat.


Print version doesn’t do justice to the nadir-of-empathy that is Donald Trump.

Thinly veiled question-attacks: was she [Mrs. Khan] allowed to talk?; I wonder who wrote that speech for Mr. Khan?


He really honestly believes the synonym of “sacrifice” is “success”. Sorry Dumbfuck. Try again.


This is what’s going to sink him. He can’t let any criticism go unanswered. Who, in his right mind, would think that attacking Mr. Khan and his wife would have any political benefit? When faced with a “no-win” situation, most of us would be smart enough to say nothing, and just move on. Not Trump.


He employed people! And, he even paid some of them close to what he owed them! What a sacrifice! Gandhi has nothing on the Donald. Clearly, Mount Rushmore is just waiting to be completed with his face.


SR, the lack of empathy on full display from Donnie is a symptom of his mental disorder. He has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. One defining symptom beyond his vanity is lack of empathy. This is from the description of the disorder published by NIH> Gimme a momment and I’ll call up the link
Here it is:
Read the definition and compare that to trump. I rest my case.


You know those gloves you took off, Donald? Good news! Found 'em for you, I got your gloves right here.

<img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/4/7/4720010a1452baf99e47903c1f83e05204e49526.jpg" width=“345” height=“250”


“Me, me, me…Money, dinero, a buck, a pound, and especially rubles. I love rubles. I put the olig in oligarch; the pluto in plutocrat, the dema in demagogue and the auto in self abuse.”



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I know. I’m familiar with the type. Among other things, I’m a retired social worker. I was gonna say, spare me darr but I see you already posted…I’ll take your word for it, along with everyone else on the planet that can see it, even those without psychological training. Here’s my diagnosis…He’s fucking nuts.


The Trump campaign was smart in limiting the comments before, but Trump can’t handle any criticism, especially anything that nails him as unpatriotic. He really is a bully, and has to strike back at anyone that challenges him. Khan really got under his skin, and Trump was stupid enough to really hit back against a family that lost a son to the war on terror.

This is really a horrible path to take in a campaign…I’m glad he’s doing so, of course, and hopefully Trump continues to do things like this that will sink his campaign. I just feel sorry for the Khans, you know that a bunch of Trump supporters are saying awful things about them right now.


I have trod on your expertise…
I apologize.

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Donnie Drumpf shouldn’t be breathing the same air as Mr. Khan.
Or inhabiting the same planet.


Even the most self involved person is usually smart enough to say “I can’t even imagine the pain they are going through, to lose a child.” Not Trump. No empathy at all.


Another good question to reveal the Trump soul is:

Mr. Trump, what do you hold sacred? (1)

(1)in the general sense, not limited to religion.


The thing is nothing trump says gets traction. He could burn down the National Archives, beat kittens on the South Lawn of the White House and his followers would love him for it. He abuses a young man mother. A member of our military who acted to save those under his command by sacrificing HIMSELF and trump demands to hear what his grieving mother has to say. He thinks what the father said was scripted by Hillary’s team in some cynical attempt at sympathy. I say what the dad said was honest. I wish Trump would read the Constitution and the dad said he should.