Discussion: Trump To Clinton: You Started Birtherism And Owe Obama An Apology!

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Nothing but lies, innuendo and baseless accusations. He’s got NOTHING. And he’s sniffing again…


Jebuz Crisp on a Crutch, this guy is fuckin’ unbelievable


Donnie She didn’t start it. A local pol in Illinois did in 2004.

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I hate to break it to you but St. Louis is the hot zone for allergies, but hey wait Clinton, whose doctor said she suffers from seasonal allergies isn’t sniffling. WTH?

Did you get the anti-Semite dig? Twice even. Hitting all the brietbart headlines

I would not be surprised to find a copy of Goebbels biography and collected speeches on The Donald’s bedside table…

He instinctively knows that if you lie, lie big…

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You mistake my joking about the sniffles for a real issue. The real problem I have with HO is that he is a bullying, lying, narcissist with zero experience running anything except tax scams and phony businesses. Please. Stop apologizing (apple-ologizing?) for this buffoon. I hope to see Secretary Clinton beat him like a rented mule next month.

I was not apologizing for HO, I was pointing out the fact the every known and unknown allergen resides or vacations in StL. Also using the point that HRC does suffer from seasonal allergies was not sniffling, all to bolster the point that something is making him sniff.

My apologies if I misconstrued your comment. It was typed in hastily, pre-coffee. Nonetheless, the “sniffing” is the least of my worries, whatever the cause. Let’s not get sidetracked when the real issue is his absolute lack of qualifications for public office, temperament and his boorish behavior. He is an absolute menace to society and has already polluted public discourse and political behavior; let’s do everything we can to stop him from further damaging the body politic.

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