Discussion: Trump Threatens To Skip Fox Debate If Megyn Kelly Treats Him 'Unfairly'

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So he might skip it based on what he does not know will happen. Funny. If he had balls, he’d walk out of the debate if he felt it was unfair. Love to see this clown do that.


if he had balls they’d be yuuugggggeee…

on the other hand… if he walked out wouldn’t he be tacitly admitting he’d let a woman castrate him?


Broadcast news programs live and die by access. We all watch these shows wondering “Why didn’t they ask him/her about…?!” The next day various blogs report about the interview and detail in 100 ways the various sensitive subjects or elephants in the room that were ignored or soft-pedaled.
Fox won’t admit it, and it may prattle on about how Trump can take a hike before presuming to dictate their terms of coverage. But in the end Fox, along with everyone else, will do whatever is necessary to maintain access to the big names they need on their shows for ratings; journalistic standards, independence and integrity be damned. Trump knows this. Kelly likely keeps her moderator slot, but you can bet money Ailes will counsel her to tread lightly and to be sure to evenly spread around the hard stuff, despite Trump deserving more scrutiny than all the others. You can also bet Ailes tells Kelly their little talk didn’t happen if he’s asked about it.


Poor, pitiful Donald is going to stay home, cause Kelly might harm his delicate feelings! What a phucking wuss/crybaby!


Little boy’s going to have another tantrum .
And all because Megyn refuses to kiss his a$$ .

A new day; a new threat.

I’m fine with it if GOP voters select a petulant child to be their standard bearer.


I hope she nails his butt to the wall. Of course it all depends on what Roger tells her to do.

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“Who ever even heard of her before the last debate?”

Well, she did once claim that Santa Claus is white “because he just is.” So one who makes a factual claim about a mythical character is certainly the kind of thing that lends itself to widespread notoriety. So you’re wrong about no one having heard of her, Donnie.

On the other hand, she did nail Cheney’s balls to the wall on Iraq, and he shot a guy in the face. So there is much to fear there, Donnie boy.

And everyone here has to admit it. Every time Trump blasts the guys that got us into Iraq, and we can feel Bill Kristol, Cheney, Bolton et al squirm like they dropped one in their drawers, Trump seems a tiny bit less the asshole.

This “would-be” leader of the free world is intimidated by a previously little known female journalist?

Bodes well for his ability to deal with real problems doesn’t it?


Conclusion to be drawn: Trump does not possess the temperament to be President of the United States.


“If I think I’m going to be treated unfairly, I’ll do something else. But I don’t think she can treat me fairly, actually. I think she’s very biased,” he told CNN. “But that doesn’t mean I don’t do the debate. I like doing the debates. I’ve won every single debate according to every poll.”

That statement is almost Palinesque in structure and thought.


“I am not a fan of Megan Kelly…”

Except for when he masturbates to her picture. Can’t believe I’m defending this bag of bones and blond hair.

Terri Gross would filet his ass with a soft, soothing demeanor. He wouldn’t even feel the knife going in.


Does some outfit like 538 track how delusional he is from day to day? In this one interview he said nobody ever heard of Megyn Kelly before he started fighting with her, he said he’s made her a success, he’s said he’s won every debate according to every poll, and he said he won’t go to the debate if he thinks she’ll be unfair and he thinks she’ll be unfair but he will go to the debate. And none of it makes a lick of sense outside that funhouse mind of his.


Some days I think Trump is blowing up a giant bubble of stupid that will inevitably pop.

Other days I think that cable news has invested so much over the years into making the American people dumber that Trump is an accurate reflection of who we are and what we deserve.

All I know for sure is that if I’d woken up today from a year-long coma, I’d think all these news stories about Trump being the front-runner in the Republican primary was an elaborate hoax.

When is somebody going to jump out and say, “Just kidding!”?

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During our debate parties, we place bets on whether certain things will happen. Who will invoke Reagan first, what color tie will Marco Rubio be wearing, how many times do they say ‘on day one’ and so forth. I have consistently bet (and lost!) that Trump will walk off the stage. Come on Megan: Scare him away. There’s a lottery ticket for me at stake.


A debate without that blowhard might actually be more productive and informative. They might actually talk policy and about ways to fix problems we face and move the country forward.

Nah. They’re republicans. They got nothing with or without him.

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‘Treated unfairly’…hmmmm. Does that mean asking a question that he doesn’t like and won’t answer anyway?